What is IT Monitoring?

IT Monitoring identifies and resolves IT infrastructure problems before they can adversely affect crucial business processes. It ensures the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems. Along with this it also ensures availability and performance of the whole IT infrastructure. One of the important responsibility of a system administrator is to ensure that various systems and servers are running smoothly. Thus IT monitoring helps system administrator to find out what is happening with the infrastructure at any given time.

Need of IT Monitoring

In the era of complex infrastructure, Companies’ workforce is based on the computer system, therefore there is need to ensure that system does not run out of its resources. It helps you to understand system resource usage and quickly correcting the problems before they run out. As we know IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, network, database, and cloud system. So if one of the systems will go down then your infrastructure will crash.

Benefits of Effective IT Monitoring

First of all, IT Monitoring includes server, database, system, network and cloud monitoring. These all things are the essential part of any IT infrastructure. Let’s go through some benefits of IT Monitoring.

1. Improve productivity and performance: IT Monitoring is not only measuring the performance of the system, it also identifies the areas where improvement should be sought. You can fine tune your infrastructure so that you can utilize your resources as per business requirements.
2. Problems Detection early to prevent disasters: If you are continuously monitoring your systems you are more likely to pick up on any warning signs and can step in before the problem escalates and affects the end user. Therefore IT Monitoring helps in detection of problem before your infrastructure ruins out.
3. Prevent and reduce downtime and business losses: Downtime affects end users experience as well as it affects the company’s bottom line. With the help of this, system administrator can check the performance of the infrastructure and resource usage. Hence, this monitoring on the infrastructure reduces the downtime and business losses.

Challenges in IT Monitoring

In the era of technology, security is a main concern. If there is a security breach in your infrastructure then any unfair means can attack your system. Hence there must be a system which instantly generates alerts for such activity. IT Monitoring includes network monitoring as the essential part of it. So there are a lot of data sets which need to be delivered efficiently without any packet loss due to firewalls or any other interfaces. Other than this, monitoring must be in real time so that system administrator can monitor company’s infrastructure at any point in time.

IT Monitoring with AppPerfect

IT Monitoring should be able to establish a relationship between the business operations and IT processes. AppPerfect is one of the best IT company which provide real-time health metrics of the entire IT infrastructure of your organization. The company has dedicated professionals which have years of experience in the monitoring domain. Its monitoring services enable you to monitor performance and availability of your system. IT monitoring service provided by AppPerfect includes 24/7 automated monitoring and automated reports with real-time Dashboard for the entire infrastructure.

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