System monitoring is essential to ensure that the IT infrastructure or the system performed well or not. It is one of the important responsibility of a system administrator to ensure that various systems and servers are running smoothly. As a system administrator, you will need the ability to find out what is happening with your system at any given time whenever required. It must be centered on processes, memory, storage and network interfaces.

It helps you to understand system resource usage and quickly correcting the problems before they ruined out. These resources include CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, Input Output Operations, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. For a system administrator, system monitoring monitors these resources and build performance matrices for them.

Goal of System Monitoring

Today, Companies’ workforce is based on the computer system, therefore there is need to ensure that system does not run out on its resources. System monitoring is nothing but just a system management.
Primary goals of system monitoring are:
1. Taking maximum advantage of IT infrastructure of the company.
2. Taking the advantage of hardware resources as much as possible.
3. Notifying problems and issues whenever problem is detected.
4. Problem detection in IT infrastructure.

Feature set of System Monitoring

It allows you to monitor following metrics of the system:
1. Used storage space on disk volumes currently connected to the system.
2. Read and write activity of hard drives.
3. The size of currently used swap space.
4. Number of swap-ins from disk storage into main memory and number of swap-outs from main memory to disk storage.
5. Send and receive activity of network interfaces and also display of the network interfaces currently active and operating with TCP/IP.

System Monitoring Services with AppPerfect

AppPerfect provides System Monitoring services so that you can ensure the performance of your infrastructure, whether it is operating in single or distributed environment. AppPerfect monitoring services help you in effectively managing resource utilization of the system. We have experience with service level monitoring and resources monitoring. AppPerfect has developed a reliable and efficient product named as “AppPerfect Agentless Monitor” for this. System Monitoring with AppPerfect is extremely lightweight and adds negligible overhead to target system while monitoring.

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