What is Web Service?

In the modern era of technology, If you want to build your own web application then you don’t need to build each and everything from scratch. There are lots of ready-made services available that you can plug into your application. A web service is a collection of open protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems. It is the mechanism through which two applications will exchange the data irrespective of their underline architecture and the technology.

In other words, we can say Web Service is a service that is available over the Internet or intranet and uses a standardized XML messaging system. Hence, It is not tied to any programming language or an operating system.

Problem Faced by Web Services

First of all, a good web service must fulfill all the business requirements. Let’s go through some challenges faced by web services.
1. Web service must understand requirements, therefore should follow the transfer standards.
2. The abnormal requirement of client’s input parameters might be a major challenge for a web service.
3. A malicious user can manipulate different parameters to get unauthorized information. Hence it is a major concern for a web service.
4. In conclusion, an ideal web service must be what is expected from it with respect to business requirements.

Web Services Testing

Web services testing estimates functionality and load aspects to check how a web service is reliable or scalable in terms of high load of users. Hence, this testing helps you to design and simulate usage traffic that can be used to test your Web Service infrastructure for performance, reliability, and scalability. Therefore, testing of Web services is useful for avoiding detection of errors, which requires complex and costly repairs. As a result, we can say that this type of testing allows the detection of errors, evaluation, and approval of system qualities or attributes.
Web service testing includes following tasks.
1. Defines the required test input for the web service.
2. It generates the client code for the web service.
3. Verify that the actual response is similar to that of the expected outcome.
4. Determine the XML request format which needs to be send.

Web services testing includes the functional testing, regression testing, load/stress testing. The functional testing ensures that all the functionality of the web services is as expected. Regression testing is a subset of functional testing. In the regression testing, we ensure that the web service is still working between different builds or releases. The load testing or stress testing measures the performance of your web service under certain user load. Thus we can say that all of these testings are the essential part of web service testing.

Web Services Testing with AppPerfect

Web services with high response time can lead to a lot of unsatisfied users. This type of testing involves simulating real-life user load for the target Web Services. AppPerfect offers web service load testing solution in the form of “AppPerfect Load Test”. AppPerfect Load Test supports load testing for web service using SOAP protocol.

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