AppPerfect Agentless Monitor Server

AppPerfect Agentless Monitor Server

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Dashboard View: This view shows the dashboard and display information of the monitor or attribute selected in the Monitor tree.

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Monitors : Within the AppPerfect Agentless Monitor system, a monitor is defined as an adapter module which is responsible for extracting data from the monitored device and passing that data in an acceptable format to the AppPerfect Agentless Monitor for processing. You must log on to the AppPerfect Agentless Monitor as an administrator to work with monitors. Once you log on to the system, click the Monitors tab to work with monitors.

Rules : A rule is defined as a conditional or threshold value which, when exceeded, a notification must be sent. In a typical work flow inside Agentless Monitor, the monitors extract data from the monitored device and send it to the rules engine. The rules engine evaluates the data to ensure no rule is violated and then sends it to the view manager. However, if a rule is violated, a message is immediately sent to the notification server to alert the user about the rule violation.

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Monitor - Tomcat: The Java/J2EE monitor for Tomcat monitors attributes like Heap, Sockets, JSP/Servlets, JDBC connection, JMS and JTA.

Monitor - Database: Database Monitor can monitor your Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Sybase databases for performance and robustness.

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Monitor - Server: The server monitor allows you to monitor crucial parameters such as CPU usage, memory consumption, network and disk usage and processes that are running on the system.

Monitor - Server With Rules: View of server monitor with rules defined.

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Monitor - Apache: Web Server Monitor can monitor critical performance metrics of your Apache HTTP server like Total Accesses, Total Traffic, Requests per Second, No of Busy Workers, CPU Load, Bytes per Request etc.

Generated Reports: AppPerfect Monitor provides an extensive data reporting facility for data analysis and resource/capacity planning.

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Agentless Monitor tool screenshot

Server Monitor Report: View of report generated for Server Monitor.


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