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Java / J2EE monitoring

AppPerfect Java/J2EE monitor uses a low-overhead, highly transparent mechanism to monitor your Java and J2EE application. It leverages a J2EE server's built-in Java Management Extensions (JMX) services to monitor the status and communicates its status to the AppPerfect Monitor. This architecture is far superior than agents-based architecture whereby libraries are added to tap into the JVM directly, leading to performance degradation and platform instability.

Key Features

  • Java Management Extensions (JMX) based monitoring
  • Low overhead on system resources
  • Maintain system stability and performance
  • Use of existing J2EE services, no special configuration needed
  • Supports most major J2EE application servers like Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere etc.

Provides support to monitor performance metrics of Java components present in your application infrastructure. Following data can be monitored

  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
  • Databases through JDBC
  • Web applications through JSP/Servlets
  • Java Messaging Service through JMS
  • Any user-specified custom class or method

Supported Java/J2EE application servers

  • BEA WebLogic 7.x and higher
  • IBM WebSphere 5.x and higher
  • Apache Tomcat 5.0.9 and higher
  • Sun ONE 7.x and higher
  • JBoss 3.2 and higher
  • JRun 4.x and higher
  • Jetty 6.x and higher
  • Oracle Application Server 10.1 and higher.