AppPerfect Java Unit Test

  • Automated unit test case generation: AppPerfect Java Unit Test automatically generates full test cases, by going through code and understanding it. AppPerfect Java Unit Test goes beyond generating simple stub classes for JUnit testing. It generates fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly. It also provides easy to use UI to edit your test cases. It automatically maintains these test cases as your code changes, so if you delete any method in your source, AppPerfect Java Unit Tester will take care of deleting the corresponding test cases from test class files and so on.

  • Client-side testing: AppPerfect Java Unit Test uses JUnit framework, the most commonly used framework, to generate and test Java source. To unit test server-side Java source (JSP/Servlets/EJB) it uses HtmlUnit framework.

  • Server-side testing: It uses HtmlUnit implementation by providing browser-based test recording for JSP applications which provides in-container testing without the complexity involved with setting with an in-container environment. It also provides support for templates based frameworks such as Apache Struts. For sophisticated enterprise applications using EJBs, AppPerfect Java Unit Tester provides support for in-container testing.

  • High Code Coverage: AppPerfect Java Unit Test cases provide high level of code coverage out of the box. It also provides tools to increase the code coverage significantly without much effort.

  • Object Repository: AppPerfect Java Unit Test uses concept of mock objects to unit test your source code. It generates mock objects and stores them in a repository called Object Repository. You can manage these objects using Object Repository Manager.

  • Supports Stubbing: AppPerfect Java Unit Test supports stub code generation, this is useful when some part of application is not available or is not developed yet. For example your application requires a database connection but same is not available then you can stub getConnection call and return some dummy connection object in place, unit tester will take care to execute your stubbed code in place of actual getConnection call while unit testing the code.

  • Mock Database support: AppPerfect Java Unit Test supports mock database functionality. A mock database replaces the actual database during unit testing. Most often, users do not have access to the database layer during testing. But without a database, most database dependent applications will fail to execute. The mock database solves this issue.

  • Importing of existing JUnit tests: AppPerfect Java Unit Test can import a existing JUnit test cases and execute them along with Unit Tester generated test cases and can report the results.

  • Informative reports: The application provides reports to show successful and failed test cases with reason why test case failed. These reports are available through the GUI and can be exported into various formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML etc.

  • Scheduling & Notification: You can automate your testing by scheduling them using the Test Manager product. You can also use the Notifications manager module of the Test Manager product to send an email, SMS or file notification when a test is complete.

  • IDE Integration: AppPerfect Java Unit Tester supports IDE integration with most commonly used IDEs. This enhances ease-of-use and productivity.

  • ANT Integration and Command line execution: AppPerfect Unit Test supports ANT integration so it can be easily integrated into most development/build environments. Unit Tester also supports command line execution so you can unit test your source code by invoking product from a bat or sh file.


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