AppPerfect Load Test

  • Browser recording: Recording a test with AppPerfect Load Test is as easy as browsing your application. AppPerfect recorder automatically records all the tasks you perform with your web application. There is no need to learn any proprietary scripting language. All web browsers are supported for recording, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari.

  • GUI based editing of tests: AppPerfect Load Test provides user friendly UI which is easy to use and allows you to edit your existing load test as well as add new URLs and parameters to the load test. You can quickly modify your load tests and easily build on the Test Cases as and when additional functionality is added to your products

  • Parameterized Load Tests: In real world scenario, for any Web-based application, the pages that are requested are not all static. In fact, most of the pages accept some parameters as input and then correspondingly show the appropriate customized content. Parameterized load tests feed these parameters automatically to the request and thus help simulate a more realistic usage environment.

  • Response Validation: With AppPerfect Web Load/Performance Tester, You can validate the responses received for a URL request with the AppPerfect Load Tester. You can customize what constitutes a valid or invalid response for an URL request. Response codes can be included to constitute valid or erroneous responses.

  • Multiple run strategies: AppPerfect Web Load/Performance Tester supports five different types of strategies, that help you determine the breaking point of your application, and how it recovers after being stressed to some level. Each of the strategies determines how the requests are fired and what is the load applied on the server being tested.

  • Distributed Load Testing: You can distribute load generation on multiple machines and can control all of them from one central machine. At the end of the test, AppPerfect will aggregate and present test result of the entire test as well as for individual machines.

  • Database Load Tests support: In addition to supporting Web application load testing, AppPerfect also supports load testing for most databases using JDBC.

  • Support for Web security: AppPerfect Web Load Test you can Load test URLs that require basic authentication, as well as those using HTTPS by allowing the configuration of the SSL Provider. It also handles the sending of cookies with the appropriate requests and supports URL rewriting if your application uses it. Two way SSL authentication is also supported.

  • Scripting Support: Advanced users can use JavaScript to add sophisticated logic to their test. A full-features script editor with syntax highlighting is provided.

  • Advanced Technology: Support for advanced technologies such as Browser Simulation, Network bandwidth throttling and IP Spoofing.

  • Informative and User friendly reports: AppPerfect Load Test provides comprehensive reports that help you identify failure points of the load test. These reports can be viewed in the UI or exported to HTML, PDF CSV, XLS, XML etc.

  • Scheduling and Notification: You can automate your testing by scheduling them using the Test Manager product. You can also use the Notifications manager module of the Test Manager product to send an email, SMS or file notification when a test is complete.

  • Server Monitoring: AppPerfect can monitor your target applications and servers using a sophisticated agentless monitoring architecture so you can co-relate your results with your server behavior. Monitor key system resources such as CPU, disk, network and memory.


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