AppPerfect Test Manager

  • Supports Entire Testing Process: The AppPerfect Test Manager supports entire testing process starting from requirements gathering and management; test/project creation, scheduling, and executing tests; issues management; in a easy to use Web-based UI.

  • Web-based UI: The AppPerfect Test Manager uses a three-tier application architecture with a pure Web-based user interface. The UI is intuitive and easy to use. No need to install large applications or applets to be able to manage your testing process. With only a browser and Web access, you can easily and seamlessly keep track of your applications testing.

  • Informative reports: AppPerfect Test Manager provides powerful, real-time, informative and accurate reports that help you trace problems that might be present in the system. Reports are typically used to analyze data that spans over a period of time. AppPerfect provides you with extensive reporting capability. You can customize and generate reports that provide you information that is tailor made to your requirements. It allows you to leverage existing content in several formats. Reports can be generated as HTML, PDF, CSV and XLS formats.  

  • Scheduling of tests: You can schedule your tests with the AppPerfect Test Manager. You do not have to be physically present to start the test. The whole process is automated so you can schedule a test to run in the night and have a look at the results the next day and then correct any errors found by the test. You can schedule tests to run using AppPerfect Load Test, AppPerfect Web Test, AppPerfect App Test, AppPerfect Java Code Test or AppPerfect Java Unit products. Apart from scheduling of tests you can also schedule any custom batch or executable file.

  • Notification of results: You can configure AppPerfect Server to notify results using Email or custom notification mechanism. In case of Email notification you can specify whether you want results as attachment and AppPerfect will export the results as HTML file and send the same as attachment with the mail.

  • Trend Analysis: AppPerfect Test Manager provides a functionality of Trend Analysis to generate trend reports using various results of your application. This utility takes multiple result files and generates trend charts and reports based on the data found.


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