Software Security Services

We at AppPerfect have a team of highly experienced security experts who work with clients to solve specific security problems as well as problems for the industry at large.

What is Software Security?

In the age of electronic connectivity, where the activities like hacking,viruses, electronic fraud are very common. If security measures are not taken, the authenticity of your enterprise can be compromised easily.As the number of threats continue to grow exponentially and intervene the enterprise security,your organization must take a holistic approach in selecting security services. The threat ocean is simply too vast and complex, hence we cannot rely upon a single bullet solution. The key trends that are altering the threat landscape include adoption of Cloud, expanding usage of mobile applications, social media, location based services, machine to machine communications, Internet of Things, mobile advertising, wearable devices, etc.


Security services include the following:

  1. Access control : to require that access to information resources is controlled
  2. Authentication : a process whereby the system gathers and builds up information about the user to assure that the user is genuine.
  3. Confidentiality : prevention of unauthorized disclosure of information.
  4. Integrity : prevention of unauthorized modification of information.
  5. Nonrepudiation : to require that neither the sender nor the receiver of a message can deny the transmission.

How AppPerfect can help you

Successful information security management requires a broad mix of technology, strategy, processes, people and information security services – all aligned with business objectives to ensure operational success.

We at AppPerfect provide security services which you can rely on to effectively protect your business and trade secrets against any form of cybercrime, such as malware outbreak, malicious insiders, cyberattacks, cyber espionage, data leakage and more...

We have been catering clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries.Information security services and information security consulting at AppPerfect are provided by a team of highly skilled security professionals and penetration testers which develop solutions and work with clients to solve specific security problems.

Web Application Security

AppPerfect provides a wide range of Web Security Services that secure the applications driving today’s technology. With our services we help you achieve maximum protection by adapting to current security standards.We deliver an unparalleled competency and expertise to help you accelerate your Web Application Security.

Web Application Security
Data Security

Data Security

We at AppPerfect help you protect your critical data hence enhancing profitability which increases your brand’s reputation. With a team of certified experts we help you keep your security strategy up to date which can protect your system from threats. We help you develop a security approach that keeps your enterprise safe.With proper planning and measures we help you keep one step ahead of the constantly evolving threats and help you protect your assets.

Cloud Security

Today most organizations around the world use cloud services.If security measures are not taken, the authenticity of your enterprise can be compromised easily.We boast of having a team that is second to none in the industry which provide's an end-to-end security against the ever-growing security threat landscape.With authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management we help you convert any cloud environment into a trusted and compliant environment.

Cloud Security
Container Security

Container Security

Enterprises today use agile practices to deliver software more faster.Container technology has emerged as a means of packaging and deploying applications.But before deployement we need to think about security throughout the layers of the solution stack.In this ocean of threats and malwares we help you manage container vulnerabilities,tighten user access control and reduce container attack surface.

Network Security

Is your enterprise network safe and secure from online threats? Today data breaches are common costing millions due to less productivity,less customer confidence and other damages.Hence network security is essential in order to boost your services and protect critical data as you cannot afford your network to go down at any cost. With experienced professionals and our services you have the assurance that your network is reliable and secure.

Network Security
Penetration security service

Penetration Testing

Every enterprise has certain leaks through which any hacker can gain access to an enterprise private information.Information security and certain measures need to be taken to prevent potential losses and avoid losses.We help you with this to stop any hacker to easily gain unauthorised access to your resources.


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