SNMP Monitor

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a widely used protocol for various types of devices to communicate with each other. Most operating systems, routers, and high-end business applications (databases and so on...) provide an SNMP interface into their products for external products to communicate with.

AppPerfect Monitor's SNMP Monitor implements this standard protocol to monitor most devices that support SNMP. It can monitor network devices where SNMP agents are running. It uses MIB files that you have to provide for each device you wish to monitor and provides you with and easy-to-use tree structure from where you can select the attributes you would like to monitor.

Managing SNMP monitors

To view the list of all available monitors defined with the AppPerfect Monitor, log in as administrator and click the "Monitors" tab. A list of all defined monitors is displayed. You can edit the properties of a monitor by clicking it and updating the properties page for that monitor.

To delete a monitor, select the checkbox to the left of that monitor and click "Delete". When you delete a monitor, you may choose to preserve the data already recorded for that monitor or you may delete the monitor along with all its historical data.

Defining a new monitor

Please refer to the chapter Managing Monitors for the common settings required.

SNMP Options

The following additional information has to be provided to add an SNMP monitor:

There are some additional properties that are specific to SNMP v3, If you have selected SNMP version as v3 then provide values of these properties as well.