UI Reference

The User Interface of the AppPerfect Monitor comprises of the Banner, Display area, Monitor tree, Navigation panel and Page Navigation bar.

The banner contains the name of the user who has logged onto the system, the current date and time, a link to logout and a help link.

Display Area

This area will show information based either on the tab selected or on the basis of the node selected in the Monitor tree. By default, upon logging onto the system, the Status tab is selected and its information is shown in the display area.

An administrator has the privilege of accessing all sections of the AppPerfect Monitor and can perform various actions which are an important part of configuring the system. Administrators can add users, groups, monitors, create rules, modify their properties, change users permissions for viewing machines that are being monitored and for access to predefined reports.

Any user who has been granted an administrator's privilege will be able to access the following tabs in the AppPerfect Monitor.

The recommended usage of the system for first time administrators is the following:

  1. Deploy and configure the monitors. For instructions of how this is to be done please refer to the Managing Monitors chapter.
  2. Once the monitors are deployed apply the rules for attributes of the monitors.
  3. After successfully applying the rules set the type of notification for the alerts to be sent.

Note: If you are logging into the system for the first time after installing the product you need to use the user name 'administrator' and password you specified during installation to log on to the system.

Monitor Tree

Please refer to the Monitor Tree in the chapter Monitor Status in User Guide.

There are ten tabs that are seen in the navigation panel of the AppPerfect Monitor. Their details are as follows:

Tab Description
Status This tab shows the dashboard and display information of the monitor or attribute selected in the Monitor tree.
Alerts This tab will display the list of alert details and the SNMP trap details.
Reports This tab contains the report designer wizard to create new reports, it shows a list of existing reports and allows you to update existing reports.
Monitors Monitor tab displays a list of configured monitors and allows you to add and update existing monitors.
Users This tab shows all the users & groups currently configured on the AppPerfect Monitor.
Rules This page allows you to add new rules or delete existing rules applied to the different monitors.
Settings The Settings tab allows you to modify your personal settings for this application.
Options This tab allows you to configure your License key, Display options. It also allows you to configure Notifications and Database migration.

The AppPerfect Monitor Administrator can modify the view options of the monitor tabs by clicking the Options link in the display page.

Page Navigation bar

For each of the pages shown in the display area when you click the tab there is a navigation bar.

This navigation bar allows for maneuverability within the application. Clicking the home link will take you back to the Status tab from wherever you are within your application. Similarly clicking the name of the section will take you to that section.

Color Series

The attributes and groups shown in Monitor tree are of two types: table and chart. Color series are used to identify the status of the attribute in a chart and also to differentiate between multiple attributes and their status displayed in charts.

Color Description
  This color is used to indicate that the data is within acceptable range and that there are no rules that have been violated.
  The red color is used to indicate that the data received has violated a rule and that there is an alert raised.