An alert is used to highlight an event that needs to be examined. Simply defined : it is a condition which needs attention. Understanding where systems are slowing down, or about to break, is the only way to ensure that top performance levels are being maintained for your systems. Alerts inform you about the problems in real-time and to enable you to immediately locate and remedy those problems.

The list of alerts can be viewed by accessing the Alerts tab.

Alert Details

The drop-down against View alerts triggered during the past allows you to see the alerts that were raised in the specified time period. If there was no alert raised in that specific period then a message indicating that will be shown.

The alert details show Rule ID, Monitor ID, Severity, Start Time and Reset Time. The start time implies the time at which the alert was raised and the reset time indicates the time at which the application went into normal mode that is the condition that triggered the alert, passed and the application is performing within permissible bounds. All user alerts send out a notification as defined when the rule was created.