These settings allow you to modify the entries made in your user account and to help you customize the view of the tree so that you can easily access the attribute that you are interested in monitoring.

This page can be accessed by clicking on the Settings tab in the top banner.


The general section deals with changing the general settings such as password, user name, email, phone number, notification and page refresh. Modify the data for your First Name, Last Name, Phone, E-Mail, Mobile, Yahoo ID, MSN Email Address and AOL Screen Name in the respective fields. You can also set the refresh rate for the page in the Page Refresh Interval, which will keep refreshing the charts after that time interval if the Auto-refresh Status page option is selected. If nothing is set the default setting made by the administrator at the time of creating your user account will be used.

The Users and Groups fields are used to specify users and groups that should be given access to reports created by you. In case you have administration privileges, then you will be shown a user and group list from where you can select the ones whom you want to grant access to. Otherwise you have to manually enter the name of the user or group. Set the Default Chart Time Slice in the corresponding field. The default chart time slice indicates the time period for which the Y axis of the chart will show the data. For example, if it is chosen as one hour then the Y-axis of the chart will show data got in the past hour.

Viewing Attributes

When you click the Add/Edit Attributes button a popup window is brought up, a screen shot of what it looks like is shown.

This window has a tree with check boxes against each of the nodes. These check boxes are used to select the attributes to be shown in the monitor tree. The details of that attribute can be seen in the area to the left of the tree. Once you have made your selection, click Ok at the bottom which will dispose off the pop up window and store the settings you have selected. Click the Update button to update the settings. If there are any error or invalid data, a message indicating the error will be shown, otherwise you will be shown a message that the update has taken place successfully.