SNMP Monitor

Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP is widely used to manage devices in a network. Its components typically include a manager and an agent. The SNMP agents run on each device which has to be managed and provide information regarding the devices. This information is hard to comprehend in its native form, and that's where MIB files come in. These files provide a structure to read the SNMP-related information sent out by agents for each particular device.

About the SNMP Monitor

The AppPerfect Monitor allows you to monitor devices like firewalls, routers, UPSes, Operating Systems, application servers and so on, that can communicate with the SNMP protocol.

The following points define how the AppPerfect SNMP Monitor works:

  1. First of all, SNMP agents must be deployed and running on the servers / devices that you wish to monitor.
  2. You must provide the MIB file for each SNMP device that you wish to monitor. This is done at the time of creating the SNMP monitor. (Requires administrator rights.) An MIB or Management Information Base file consists of a collection of objects organized into groups. An MIB is not a database or data store, it is just a logical grouping of data so that it is easily understood by all.
  3. The AppPerfect SNMP monitor fetches data from the SNMP agent using UDP. The MIB file allows the SNMP monitor to present the attributes to you in an easy-to-use tree structure.
  4. You can select the attributes you wish to monitor from this list instead of having to go through each MIB file yourself.