Web Server Monitor

Web servers are perhaps the most commonly used server software products. AppPerfect Monitor provides support for several popular web/HTTP server products.

Apache HTTP Server

AppPerfect Monitor provides with a monitor to monitor the Apache HTTP server and the Microsoft IIS server. It uses the mod_status module, a simple Apache module that is deployed in the server and used to monitor its performance and state of the server . It uses Apache API and can monitor the number of active requests, total requests, and bytes transferred.

There are separate monitors to provide support for both the 1.3 and 2 versions of the Apache server. You should use the appropriate version depending on the installation of the server that you want to monitor. There are several attributes that can be monitored using the apache monitor and these are described below.

AppPerfect's Web Server Monitor can monitor the following individual attributes of  the Apache HTTP Server.

Microsoft IIS Server

AppPerfect's IIS Server Monitor can monitor the following individual attributes of  the Microsoft's IIS Server. Microsoft IIS Server uses the PDH (Performance Data Helper) library. All attributes available for monitoring  through this library are available in AppPerfect Monitor Console.

Note: A number of dynamic attributes are also available.