Object Spy

AppPerfect App Test provides support for Object Spy feature where you can spy on window element in the page and fetch its attributes/properties. Object Spy is useful while manually updating or adding new element to the existing test script and is also useful while identifying and adding new Windows Element to list of supported elements during System Configuration.

Launch your application manually outside of AppPerfect.Now select the menu option Project -> Object Spy.. It will launch a toolbar with option to Start spy. Click on start spy button and now click on the window element on your application which you need to spy. It should highlight the element in application with green rectangle. At this point you can stop spy and view the element's properties/attributes.

In case you find that certain events in the test are not getting recorded and you need to configure and add new Windows Element to the list of supported elements at Tools -> Options -> App Test -> Window Elements, Check out the native class attribute. Once you identify the native class of element you can add same to list of supported elements at Tools -> Options -> App Test -> Window Elements. Once you add the element to the list of supported elements and configure the required events for same you should be able to record events on it fine.

Object Spy is also available while adding new element/event to the test manually. To add new event select the Window node in the Editor tree for which you need to add new Event. Right click and select the option to Add Event.. You will find a button to access Object Spy feature there to get the attributes of new element. Object Spy is also useful in updating existing attributes of the element in case application has changed since the test was recorded.