Project Properties

Once a new project is defined using the New Project wizard, certain additional settings specific to App Test are needed to configure and run your test. This dialog box can also be accessed from the menu: Project -> Properties Editor...

These are the tabs:

Run Settings

Record Think Time: At times, users find it necessary to record the time duration that occurred between a response is received and the next user input. An example would be to record the time taken between a page received and when the user clicks on a link on the received page. This duration is called Think Time. The working assumption is after a page is received, it typically takes a user some time to read and process the information on that page. AppPerfect can record this think time while recording and use the same think time while replaying.

Customize Recording: AppPerfect is set to record the most commonly used elements and events on your Windows/Java application. However, if you find certain elements or events of your application are not being recorded, click the Customize Recording... button and ensure those elements/events are configured correctly. If necessary, you can also define your own elements and events. Refer to System Configuration for more details.

Number of iterations: Specify how many iterations of the recorded test AppPerfect should replay. This is typically used when you want to test multiple values of parameters. You can run test for either fixed number of iterations or can run it for iterations calculated based on combination of parameters provided.

Timeout (sec): Specify for how much time AppPerfect should keep retrying for successful replaying of window or element before marking it as failure. This is important for cases where application initialisation takes long time. Default recorded timeout period is 30 seconds. You can configure the timeout period here and select the option to use this timeout value for all tasks in the test.

Treat timed out tasks as failed tasks Select this option if you want application to mark timed out task as failed task in the results.

Ignore Think Time during replaying: By default application ignores the think time between each of the step while replaying the test. In case your application takes long time to initialize you can uncheck this option, So that application waits for specified think time before executing each of the step in the test,

Save successful window images on disk: By default application just saves the failed window images on disk. In case you need to save all window images during execution then select this option. Screenshot of the window will be saved on disk in this case and will be shown in result views. Images will be saved in replay folder at project location. This is helpful in getting the exact view of the application during replaying.

Remote Execution Settings

Run project simultaneously on multiple machines: Select this option in case you need to execute test on multiple machines simultaneously. This way you can run functional tests from multiple machines and can control the functional test from one central machine. At the end of execution application will present the functional testing result of entire functional test as well as individual machines. This requires AppPerfect App Test to be installed on all remote machines and should have the AppPerfect product service running on remote machines. AppPerfect product service is installed and started automatically on all the machines wherever product is installed. This service by default runs on port 8894 and can be accessed as http://HOST_NAME:8894/AppService. You need to configure the remote machine service settings by adding new remote machine for each remote machine where you need to execute the project.

Additional App Test Properties

In addition to the above, there are a few other properties specific to the App Test that can optionally be set through Tools -> Options... -> App Test