Linking Projects Option

Linking groups from multiple Projects

For any Automated testing tool one of the important feature is the reusability of the existing scripts. AppPerfect provides the feature of linking exisiting scripts with the host script so that without re-recording common functionalites already implemented in existing scripts can be reused. Say for example you have login/logout functionality in your application. Now say for each functionality like adding new request, order processing etc. you need to first login to the application. So now instead of recording Login/logout groups in each of the script you can record login/logout groups in one script and later on link this script to all the scripts whereever login/logout is required. Now say, you need to test with different user names and passwords, so you need to do change just in one script having login/logout groups, all other scripts linking to this will automatically take the latest changes.

The following are the advantages of Linking Projects :

  1. Re-use of commonly recorded functionalites, so you do not need to re-record them in each script. Record once and reuse at all places.
  2. In case change is done in the common functionality, it has to be done only in one script and all the scripts linked to it will automatically use the latest changes.

Link project Settings can be accessed in the Editor tab, just select the Project Node and on the right hand side you will find the option to Replay Linked Projects/Groups

Link Project UI has the following fields:

Replay Linked Projects/Groups : Select this checkbox if you need to replay linked projects/groups

Linked Projects/Groups Table : All the groups present in this table will replayed in case Replay Linked Projects/Groups checkbox is selected. The test is replayed using the Host Project settings. You can add new linked group, delete linked group, order the linked groups using move up/down buttons.

Adding New Linked Group : By default host groups are already present in the Linked Groups table. You can add new linked group from foreign project by clicking "Add Group" Button. This will launch Link groups dialog. You can Browse the concerned project with which you need to link, it will show you all the groups present in the selected project in the tree table. Select the groups you need to link and click on Link Button. You will find all the selected groups added to Linked Projects/Groups Table. All these groups will be replayed when the test is replayed, provided Replay Linked Projects/Groups checkbox is selected. You can link a group multiple times in case it has to be replayed multiple times. You can even link host groups itself by browsing the host script while adding linked groups.