Target Application Settings

The last step in creating a new project is to define your target application. Following type of target applications are supported:

Server / Web Applications

Server applications are typically applications that are deployed in a J2ee application server such as WebLogic / WebSphere etc. AppPerfect supports communication with server application via HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Following values need to be specified to completely define a server application.

URL Settings
AppServer Settings

Launch Server automatically (when required): AppPerfect can detect if the required app server is not running, and can start it for you automatically when needed. AppPerfect will also shut down the server automatically.

Local / Desktop Applications

Local/desktop applications typically run on your local machine as a single user system. Following values need to be specified to define a local/desktop application. AppPerfect will construct the necessary command and invoke your application. 

Desktop Applications

AppPerfect can test your applets-based applications. Specifying the necessary information below to define the applet type project in AppPerfect.