Static code analysis is more efficient and less error prone as compared to manual code reviews. It accomplishes a thorough and accurate review that checks for all defined cases. An automated Static Java Code Test boosts development, saves cost and enhances the application quality by performing a test function or code review with greater consistency and in much lesser time. Performing such accurate reviews manually is tiresome, tedious and expensive.

The programmer may pass the code through a Static Java Code Test several times a day or as required and thus is at ease to correct and fix a bug or a problem and thereby focus on development. This saves time, risks and costs involved in the identification and eradication of the bug or problem in any later stages of the software development or product life-cycle.

Static code analysis also gives the ability and flexibility to a project manager to enforce coding standards and statistical quality control measures. This is possible as the automated Static Java Code Test tool can provide with detection of codes not complying with coding standards. The indicators of code size, complexity, and density can be computed using this automated tool, which helps in the quality control of the code.

Need for Java Code Test

During the development phase of an application, developers are faced with several challenges and have to consider various scenarios. To tackle the challenges without compromising on both performance and robustness of the application the developer very often comes across various issues while coding,  such as.

Such issues if not detected in the early stages of the development cycle, can prove to be extremely expensive by way of unsatisfied customers, damage to the reputation and profile of the organization and extended hours of identifying issues and correcting them.

An organization needs to implement various procedures that will minimize such problems. Very often organizations depend on Manual Code Reviews which can be very time consuming, tedious and most often neglected. They also depend on the availability and individual skills of programmers which will differ from person to another, leading to compromises on consistency.

An automated code review hence becomes a necessity for a software development organization. The Static Java Code Test automates the code review both efficiently and consistently and without much overhead in terms of costs and resources

By conducting static source code analysis and successfully identifying and correcting all such issues, software developers can eliminate the risk and potential costs that can grow exponentially, if the problem goes undetected.

AppPerfect Java Code Test Key Features

AppPerfect Java Code Test offers you a variety of options to test and optimize your application and make it free of  bugs and problems. Following is a list of the features provided by the AppPerfect Java Code Test:

About AppPerfect Products

AppPerfect offers following products for complete and comprehensive solution for testing and monitoring the performance of your application. These products that are designed to help you test your application throughout the development life-cycle.

AppPerfect Java Unit Test:

AppPerfect Java Unit Test is a feature-rich wrapper for the popular JUnit and HtmlUnit testing frameworks for non-web and web-based Java projects respectively. It provides the Java programmer with an easy to use and fully customizable unit-testing environment, which can be integrated with popular Java IDEs as well as the project's build process.

AppPerfect Java Code Test:

AppPerfect Java Code Test reads your software code and analyzes it for optimization, errors, coding conventions, complexity and style based on industry-standard rules. Over 750 pre-defined, high-value rules can be applied to your code. AppPerfect Java Code Test is an ideal tool to perform code reviews on an on-going basis to ensure high quality of code.

AppPerfect Java Profiler:

AppPerfect Java Profiler profiles a Java Virtual Machine to assist you in understanding the behavior of your application as it performs its functions. AppPerfect Java Profiler recognizes that your application does not operate in a vacuum and hence provides a unique blend of Java information combined with operating system information.

AppPerfect App Test:

AppPerfect App Test performs regression and functional testing of your Windows/Desktop applications. Performing manual functional testing by having a person sit and manually click away at the application is extremely expensive and error-prone. AppPerfect App Test provides the means to perform such labor-intensive activity in an automated manner.

AppPerfect Web Test:

AppPerfect Web Test performs regression and functional testing of your Web applications. Performing manual functional testing by having a person sit and manually click away at the application is extremely expensive and error-prone. AppPerfect Web Test provides the means to perform such labor-intensive activity in an automated manner.

AppPerfect Load Test:

AppPerfect Load Test is a stress/load testing tool that can simulate hundreds of virtual users from a single machine. Features supported include site recording, dynamic variable substitution, cookies support, session tracking, SSL support and run strategies. It can run tests based on a variety of strategies such as burst, incremental, exponential, quadratic or loop. It also provides you a comprehensive solution to monitor various attributes of various operating systems present in your application infrastructure.

AppPerfect Test Manager:

The AppPerfect Test Manager is central server with a Web-based UI for accessing various modules in the server. AppPerfect Test Manager consists of five main modules:

Requirements Manager: This module is used to create requirement specifications around which your tests will be designed and executed. Functional, business, performance, technical and usability requirements should be defined here to ensure the tests cover all defined criteria.

Test Manager: Once tests have been designed, the Test Manager can be used to manage the execution of your tests. Automatically running tests on a specific schedule, notification of test results, saving of test results, etc. can be defined in this module.

Results Manager: Once results for your various tests have run a few iterations, the Results Manager can be used to manage the archived results. Trend Analysis of multiple results to detect key quality trends is a key feature of this module. Storage management can also be performed via this module.

Issues Manager: As tests are run, issues such as defects, enhancements, modifications, etc. will occur. This module can be used to create and track such issues. This module is designed as a light-weight issues manager that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the server and is not intended to replace full-featured issues management system.

License Manager: Floating/site licenses are managed using this module. This module acts as the central manager for issuing and reclaiming floating licenses for the AppPerfect products.

AppPerfect Agentless Monitor:

The AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is an agentless, Web-based monitoring solution. It helps you monitor your applications and the underlying system resources. The AppPerfect Agentless Monitor consists of:

AppPerfect Monitor: A pure Web-based solution that helps you monitor your application infrastructure. Provides a rules engine to define alerts: a notification server for email and SMS notifications. Also includes a powerful report designer to create custom reports to analyze and understand the performance data.

AppPerfect Monitors: A series of modules designed to support specific devices. AppPerfect Monitor does not use the traditional agents-based approach to monitoring. Apart from being expensive, agents-based approach is also highly complex and error-prone. AppPerfect Monitors are designed to impose negligible overhead on the monitored system. These monitors are superbly optimized programs providing the maximum amount of information while imposing the lowest possible overhead.

Currently, the following devices are supported:

About AppPerfect Corporation

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