Java Code Test Project Properties

Once a new project is defined using the New Project wizard, certain additional settings specific to Java Code Test are required. If creating a new project, this dialog box will be automatically displayed after clicking Finish on the New Project wizard. Also, if you have created a project for a different product, and are visiting the Java Code Test view for the first time, this dialog box will be displayed automatically. To invoke this dialog box manually, click Project -> Properties Editor... in the menubar. This dialog box has the following tabs:


This group asks for some general settings like do you want to stop analysis after X number of violations per file/rule, do you want to ignore junit test class files and so on.


AppPerfect can automatically fix many of the rule violations. As a general rule, any violation that has a deterministic solution can be fixed. Since many of the rules are general purpose, and offer a variety of ways to resolve them, a limited number of rules can be automatically fixed.

As a general guideline, you should always review the code changes suggested by AppPerfect before applying the auto-fix. Once applied, an Auto-Fix is not reversible through AppPerfect. You will have to manually undo the change using a text editor.

Additional Java Code Test Settings

Additional settings for Java Code Test are provided in Tools -> Options... -> Java Code Test.