Understanding Test Results

The Results tab presents a visual analysis of the outcome of your test run. The navigation tree on the left side provides a logical view of your test run data.

Under Action Group you can see a list of all tasks performed under that group. There can be several Action Groups but only one Starting and Ending Group each.

Project Summary

The project summary displays the results of load test for the entire project as a whole. It gives you a bird's eye view of the project and allows you to explore the details in a hierarchical fashion. You can see here the results in numbers and graphs. Hit Count, Response Time , User Count and Throughput can be seen in a consolidated chart in this view.

Response Codes

You can see a graphical and tabular representation of Response Codes that this project received in this test run.

Virtual User Summary

Hit Count, Response Time , User Count and Throughput can be seen in a consolidated chart in this view.

Virtual User Details

Click a Virtual user from under Virtual Users and you can see Virtual User Details.

Here you can see a list of all the tasks this virtual user performed with detailed information regarding the status as well as the maximum, minimum and average response times and the number of bytes received per second (throughput). You can also see the Hit Count and Response Time charts here.

Group Summary

You can see a pie chart showing the overall success or failure of the groups in the project. You can also see a table with a list of all the groups along with their status and other details.

Group Details

Click a group from the navigation panel and you can see the Group Details report with Hit Count, Response Time, User Count and Throughput charts for the selected group.

Task Details

Under each group you can access the Task Summary report. Here you can see all the details related to the selected task and its status.

For tasks that have failed, you can see more details. Click the button 'View Failed Hits'.

Failed Task Details

Here you can see request by request break up of the failed task in form of a table. Each failed request has hyperlink associated with it which can be clicked to view complete details of that particular failed request.

Additional Request Details

You can view Task Details, Parameters, Request Headers, Response Headers, Sub Tasks and Validation results.