This section allows to manage bugs present in your application. After analysis of results testers can add bugs present in the application which can then be viewed by developers, managers etc to take decision on deployment of application. Test Manager tracks entire lifecycle of a bug from creation through fixing and verifying the fix. This allows to ensure that all bugs are addressed before product is deployed or released.


Bug is a core part of this section. While adding a bug, you have to specify name of the bug and a brief summary of a bug. You can describe the bug in description field. You also need to select appropriate status, severiy, priority of the bug. When the manager views the list of bugs, manager can assign it to any of the developers and the date on which it was assigned. Developers can then fix the issue and update the status of the bug. Testers will then recheck the existence of the bug in the product and update the status of the bug. This way the Test Manager keeps track of the complete life cycle of the bug. If you select "Store history of changes made to the bug", you will be able to track the changes made to the bug through out its life cycle.

Add bug

To add a bug, simply select Add button. You will see a wizard with default values.

Edit bug

To edit an existing bug, select the checkbox and select Edit button. You will see a wizard with all field populated with exisiting values.

Bug wizard

You will see this wizard when you add/edit a bug. Bug wizard has two tabs viz; General and Project. In General tab, Please provide bug name, description, current status etc. of bug in this tab. You can link bugs to tests of associated project.
In Projects tab select the project for which this bug is added. You can also associate a project component, version and build for this bug. You can upload all files related to bug in this tab. You can define keywords of your tests in this tab.

Delete bug

To delete bugs, select the checkbox of all the bugs you want to delete and select Delete button. You will get a confirmation message which when accepted will delete all the selected bugs.

View bug

A bug name in the list is link to view bug details. You can view bug details in this single view.