You can define all requirements of your application in this section. You can define various keywords for your requirement. These keywords are helpful in searching your requirement. You can define detailed steps & notes of a requirement.

Add requirement

To add a requirement, simply select Add button. You will see a wizard with default values.

Edit requirement

To edit an existing requirement, select the checkbox and select Edit button. You will see a wizard with all field populated with exisiting values.

Requirement wizard

You will see this wizard when you add/edit a requirement. Requirement wizard has two tabs viz; General and Details. In General tab, Please provide requirement name, description, current status, prioriy, severity etc. of requirement in this tab. You can upload all files related to requirement. You can track all the changes of a requirement by selecting "Store history of changes made to the requirment". Associate the requirement wih the project, component, version, build & milestone.
In Details tab define detailed steps of a requirement and additional notes of a requirement. You can define keywords of your requirement in this tab.

Delete requirement

To delete requirements, select the checkbox of all the requirements you want to delete and select Delete button. You will get a confirmation message which when accepted will delete all the selected requirements.

View requirement

A requirement name in the list is link to view requirement details. You can view requirement details in this single view.