Based on requirements defined for a project, testing team can start building the actual test cases. Test Manager is tightly integrated with various AppPerfect Products such as Load Tester, Functional Tester, Code Analyzer and Unit Tester etc. When a test gets created in these products it gets reflected in Test Manager immediately. Testers can then link the generated test with a requirement to reflect that particular requirement has been covered. Testers can also create there own tests in order to cover requirements of project

Once all tests are designed and all requirements of an application are addressed, the testing team can start running the tests. Test Manager provides functionality to schedule tests to run unattended, overnight etc. You can also schedule a test to run on build finish, when build finishes you need to invoke URL to execute the scheduled Job. Test Manager allows to configure various properties with scheduled as well as manual test runs like whether to send notification or not, on which machine to run test etc.

Add test

To add a test, simply select Add button. You will see a wizard with default values.

Edit test

To edit an existing test, select the checkbox and select Edit button. You will see a wizard with all field populated with exisiting values.

Test wizard

You will see this wizard when you add/edit a test. There are two types of tests viz; Created manually and those created in AppPerfect Products. Tests created using AppPerfect products can be tightly integrated by providing more details. Test wizard has two tabs viz; General and Details. In General tab, Please provide test name, description, current status etc. of test in this tab. For manually created tests, you can upload all files related to test. Associate the test with a project. You can link manually created tests to requirements of associated project. You can link tests created in AppPerfect products to requirements of associated project. In this case, requiremens can be further linked to groups/packages of AppPerfect Tests.
In Details tab define steps of the test, test notes. You can define keywords of your tests in this tab.

Delete test

To delete tests, select the checkbox of all the tests you want to delete and select Delete button. You will get a confirmation message which when accepted will delete all the selected tests.

View test

A test name in the list is link to view test details. You can view test details in this single view.