Auto Update Functional Test

Most software undergo changes over a period of time. These changes may occur during initial development of the software, or after the release of the software. Web application goes through the changes most frequently. So a Web test recorded for any prior version of web application may not work for the new version if the pages have changed or if the element's position in the page have changed. To overcome these problems and to avoid re-recording of test all over again, AppPerfect Web Test provides Auto-Update test Feature, where an earlier recorded test will be automatically updated to suit the new version of application wherever possible without any efforts to re-record the test all over again.

Auto-Updating a Test

You can automatically update complete test or just a selected group. To auto-update a test, first open it in Web Test.

When you auto-update a test, application launches the default browser configured at Tools -> Options...-> Browsers, JDKs & DBs and first recorded URL is fired. Now Web Test keep replacing the new response pages with the recorded ones. To automatically update the tag index of web element, Web Test tries to find the element on new page using the recorded attributes. In case it finds the element, it replaces the older tag index with the new tag index and continues by playing event on that element. In case AppPerfect Web Test is not able to find the element with matching attributes, you will be prompted to do the corresponding event manually, so that AppPerfect can continue with next element or page. In this case, you will need to manually update the tag index and other attributes for this element using the Editor tab once the Auto-Update is over. To manually update the elements which were not updated by AppPerfect, select the concerned element in the Editor tab, and on the right hand side Details tab, click on Object Spy.. button. Refer to Object Spy section on how you can spy the element and import its attributes.

While the test is auto-updating, you can pause it for a while by clicking Pause. You can stop the auto-update anytime by clicking Stop button..

When there are multiple groups in the test, there are a few things to note: