Recording App Test

Once test settings are defined, you can start "recording a test". A test is recorded by capturing the events and actions you perform on your Windows desktop application UI. Recorded tests can be replayed as many times and as often as needed. Each event and action that has been recorded is replayed as if you were manually performing the actions yourself. Replaying happens without your intervention, thus saving you time and resources. The other important features of AppPerfect App Test that will enhance your recorded tests are:


Application Recording

To start recording a test, click Project -> Record test ... from the menubar. Ensure the applications executable's path is correctly set in the recording dialog.

Recording the test:

Click the Start Recording button to start recording. Click Pause button to pause recording. Click it again to resume recording. Click the Stop button to stop recording. Select the checkbox 'Remove previously recorded / created tasks' to remove all tasks currently present in the group otherwise the new tasks recorded will be appended to the current list of tasks in the groups.


Once a test is recorded, the recoded test is displayed in the Editor. A few things to note about the Editor:


The default group that is recorded is called ActionGroup1. Right click it to access the following:


Each application will have several windows recorded. Right click a window to access the following:

In the right hand panel you can view the following tabs:


Details show the Window's title, its think time and the Benchmark image. You can change these details using right hand side editor view.


You can see the attributes for the window here.

Windows / Events

All the events within the window are listed here. You can set breakpoints at any of the events. While replaying the test, these breakpoints will be taken into consideration and your test will prompt you for action. You can Continue replaying or Stop.


Each Window can contain several elements. Right click an element to access the following:


You can see details for the event here.


You can see the attributes for the event here.