What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is a black box testing technique to ensure that the older programming still works with the new changes. In application regression testing, test cases are executed a number of times in order to check whether the previous functionality of the application is working fine and also new changes have not introduced any new bugs. Therefore, this testing is done to make sure that new code changes should not have side effects on the existing functionalities of the application.

Why Regression Testing?

“Regression: When you fix one bug, you born new several bugs :)”. Yeah, it’s true. Whenever a developer or programmer changes or modifies the application code, even a small tweak can have unexpected consequences. Application regression testing initiated whenever developer fixes a bug or adds new code for new functionality in the existing application or software. Most of the time a tester tests only the last changes in the system. It’s not a good practice. Sometimes this situation leads to a new bug in the software or application. Hence we can say that this type of testing is necessary whenever continuous changes added in the application.

Tips for Application Regression Testing

Include the Integration test cases for application: However, the integration testing is another part of testing life cycle but this must be in application regression testing. The last moment fix can break the integrity between different modules. Hence there is a need for integration test case while performing application regression testing.

Must include test cases which have frequent breaks: Sometimes an application contains such type of areas that are so error prone. Therefore any small changes in code can affect them. We can keep track of these type of areas in the application by adding appropriate test cases in the application regression testing.

Include test case for application functionalities: While performing application regression testing it is always advisable to test all the core functionality of the application. Other than this, it must checks whether the application is able to fulfill the SRS of the product or not.

Change the regression test cases for application whenever needed: However, it is not a good practice to change the regression test cases while performing application regression testing. Sometimes there is a need to change the regression test cases such as:
1. whenever there is a major change occurs in the application.
2. Whenever there is a change in the build procedure

Regression testing tools

Regression testing tools help you in automating the regression test cases. However, if test cases are changing frequently as application scope goes on increasing then automation of regression procedure will be the waste of time. There are a lot of regression testing tools are available in the market such as AppPerfect Web Test, Winrunner, QTP, AdventNet QEngine, vTest, Watir, Selenium, Rational Functional Tester, SilkTest, TimeShiftX, etc. You can use any of the tools as per your requirements but I recommend you to use AppPerfect Web Test. AppPerfect Web Test is a fully web functional testing and regression testing software. So any application accessible via a Web browser can be tested using AppPerfect Web Test. So if you are look out for the application regression testing tools then click here.