Automated Functional Testing – When and Why?

First of all, Functional testing is a quality assurance process which verifies that each function of the software product is as per the requirements. This testing mainly a black box testing and it is not related to the source code of the application. As we know that testing of any software product is performed by a tester or QA but we can not able to say that tester gives his/her hundred percent while testing. Hence, at this point in time, an organization requires automated functional testing for the software product or application. So, Its all depends on your requirement i.e. whether to use automated functional testing tools for automation of your testing.

Why We Automate

In today’s era of computing, An application comprises a lot of components. Each provides some specific functionality for the application. For the robust functioning of the application, all the components must work mutually. Other than this sometimes manual testing is not able to give the desired result as per requirement. We use automated functional testing to avoid repeated manual work and save time on running tests over and over again. However, automated functional testing also ensures that expected output of the test case is always same while executing scripts. Tester executing a bunch of tests manually but it doesn’t provide the same result each time. There may be human error come into the game. For example, a tester tests an application but while performing testing if he/she miss any important step, thereby he/she failing to identify a bug in the application being tested.

Challenges in Automated Functional Testing

As we know automated functional testing is far better than manual functional testing but there are a number of challenges associated with it. Let’s have a look:

Selecting proper tool for testing: Many times it becomes too hard to use automated functional testing due to the lack of expertise to use certain tools. There are a lot of automated testing tools available in the market such as Selenium, AppPerfect Web Test and much more. You can select any one of these as per your test scenario and requirements.

100 Percent Automation: Do you able to achieve hundred percent automation? No, never. It is impossible to automate all the test case. Therefore, it becomes a challenging task to automate the maximum number of test cases.


However, When you are implementing continues integration in your product then it is necessary to have a set of automated tests that executes quickly and gives confidence in your product. If want to avoid repeated manual tests then you can use AppPerfect Web Test. AppPerfect Web Test is a fully Automated Web Functional Testing and Regression Testing software. Any application accessible via a Web browser can be tested. AppPerfect Web Test provides support for recording web browser events and replaying them automatically. If you want to get more information then please click here.

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