Penetration Testing

Every enterprise has certain leaks through which any hacker can gain access to an enterprise private information.Information security and certain measures need to be taken to prevent potential losses and avoid losses.We help you with this to stop any hacker to easily gain unauthorised access to your resources.

Penetration Testing

We at AppPerfect provide a range of penetration testing services to meet your needs such as External and internal scans, risk assessment, application testing, detecting vulnerabilities, network enumeration, threat analysis and reporting.

  1. Application Penetration Testing

    Comprehensively assess web, desktop or mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access or data exposure. Retest uncovered vulnerabilities to verify successful remediation.

  2. Network Penetration Testing

    Emulate a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained access to an end user's system, including escalating privileges, installing custom crafted malware and/or exfiltrating faux critical data.

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