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AppPerfect Java Unit Test

AppPerfect Java Unit Test is a complete unit testing system. It automates the generation and execution of unit tests. Unit testing forms the basis of software testing at the developer level. It is sometimes referred to as "developer testing". AppPerfect Java Unit Tester is ideal for implementing Agile development and testing methodology in your organization.

AppPerfect Java Unit Test uses the JUnit testing framework for generation and execution of test cases for Java source files. It uses the HtmlUnit framework for generation and execution of test cases for JSP files. AppPerfect Java Unit Test builds on concepts of mock objects and provides a complete framework to define and manage reusable simulated objects defined in your applications.

While most developers recognize the importance of unit testing, it is a very resource intensive process. Unfortunately, most organizations do not unit tests their code in a comprehensive and consistent manner. AppPerfect Java Unit Test goes beyond generating simple stub classes for JUnit testing. It generates fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly.

AppPerfect Java Unit Test also provides complete code coverage data after test execution. This enables you to view the code path taken by the test case and adjust the test case as needed. The true measure of an automated unit tester's usefulness is the level of code coverage the product provides out-of-the-box. AppPerfect Unit Tester, on average provides the highest level of code coverage compared to similar products in the market.

With AppPerfect Java Unit Test the efforts you, as a programmer, have to put into unit testing is greatly reduced. It automates Test Case generation and execution with extensive reporting for reference and analysis purpose. In addition it also provides comprehensive test-case management tools.

Java Unit test tool
  • Comprehensive Profiler: AppPerfect Java Profiler is a comprehensive JVMPI-based profiler for heap/memory analysis, performance/CPU analysis and thread analysis. JVMPI is used for JDKs less than JDK1.5 and for JDK1.5 & above JVMTI is used.

  • IDE Integration: AppPerfect Java Profiler supports IDE integration with most commonly used IDEs. This enhances ease-of-use and productivity. Currently supported IDEs are Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, JBuilder, JDeveloper and Workshop.

  • User friendly UI: AppPerfect Java Profiler provides easy to use UI with charts, graphs, wizards etc. that help you identify the problems in your application quickly. Reports are available through the UI and can be exported into various formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML etc.

  • Dynamic Instrumentation: AppPerfect Java Profiler uses advanced Dynamic Instrumentation library for extremely low profiling overhead and quick startup time.

  • Supports all types of applications: AppPerfect Java Profiler supports client-side (applications, applets) as well as server-side (EJBs, JSP/servlets) profiling.

  • Supports commonly used AppServers: AppPerfect Java Profiler supports most commonly available Java AppServers: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Server, SunOne. It can profile any application or appserver even when its not present in supported list provided proper JVM parameters are passed while starting application or appserver.
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