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A new generation of monitoring products that do not follow the legacy agents-based approach to monitoring. At the heart of it is a sophisticated rules engine capable of sensing rule violations within seconds and alerting you immediately via its Dashboard UI, email, SMS, a HTML report or any custom notification mechanism preferred

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Agentless Monitor - Monitoring & Alerting Solution

Your Web application must be available 24/7. If it ever goes down, how will you know ? Better yet, what if it could warn of impending trouble before it goes down ? What if it could communicate with you in a variety of mediums so you are always on top of things, no matter where you are ?

AppPerfect Agentless Monitor was designed to answer these fundamental questions. AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is a new generation of monitoring tools that do not follow the legacy agents-based approach to monitoring. Unlike most other monitoring systems which require heavy downloads, massive installation / configuration and client-side software, AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is a 100% server-based software which can be accessed from anywhere via a Web browser. Furthermore, with AppPerfect Agentless Monitor, there is no need for intrusive and expensive agents to be installed on the monitored devices. AppPerfect Agentless Monitor will use existing services available on the device to remotely monitor the device. AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is easy to use and can be installed in minutes, not days or weeks that many other legacy systems require.

At the heart of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is a sophisticated rules engine capable of sensing rule violations within seconds and alerting you immediately. The notification server included with the AppPerfect Agentless Monitor is capable of communicating such alerts via its Dashboard UI, email, SMS, a HTML report or any custom notification mechanism you prefer.

AppPerfect Monitors

AppPerfect Monitors are modules within AppPerfect Monitor Server that provide support and monitor different devices. Currently, the following monitors are available:

  • Java/J2EE Monitor: Provides support to monitor performance metrics of Java components present in your application infrastructure.

  • Server Monitor: Provides support to monitor your system resources.

  • Database Monitor: Provides support for most commonly used databases.

  • NoSQL Monitor: Provides support for most commonly used NoSQL databases.

  • Web Server Monitor: Provides support to monitor the administrative and performance statistics for an Apache HTTP server and the Microsoft IIS server.

  • SNMP Monitor: Provides support for any device that provides an SNMP monitor. Network devices such as routers and switches are the most commonly monitored SNMP devices.

  • Ping Monitor: A monitor to automate and manage pinging of any device (machines / routers) at regular intervals to check for its availability.

  • URL Monitor: A monitor to check availability of any URL. The URL monitor will fetch response for any URL at regular intervals and will validate the response against validations defined.

  • Transaction Monitor: Provides support for transactions monitoring in AppPerfect Load Test.

  • Log Monitor: Provides support for monitoring logs for errors and exceptions.
AppPerfect Agentless Monitoring tool : Tomcat Monitoring
  • Agentless: AppPerfect Monitor is a new generation of Monitoring Systems that do not depend on the traditional/legacy agents-based approach to monitoring. Agents impose a great deal of complexity to the monitoring infrastructure and consume large amounts of resources and are intrusive. Agentless monitors, instead, depend on remotely taking advantage of services available on the monitored device. Technique utilized to monitor each device differs, however, the common goal is to make it unnecessary to spend huge amounts of time and resources dealing with a legacy agents-based monitoring system.

  • Pure Web-based, customizable UI: The AppPerfect Monitor uses a three-tier application architecture with a pure Web-based user interface. The UI is intuitive and easy to use. No need to install large applications or applets to be able to monitor your application infrastructure. With only a browser and Web access, you can easily and seamlessly keep track of your application infrastructure from virtually anywhere.

  • Ultra light-weight device monitors: Each supported "device" has a corresponding "monitor" available inside the AppPerfect Monitor. These monitor work with their respective devices in a non-intrusive manner. The overhead involved with this type of monitoring is often minimal. Most often, the device's built-in services are utilized to extract monitoring information. Configuring the monitors is a snap and often requires only the bare minimal information. A wide variety of devices are currently supported. With an open interface, Custom Monitors are also possible.

  • Robust data management: AppPerfect Monitor provides extensive support to gather and manage the collected data. Frequency of data collection can be set to achieve a granular view of your application infrastructure. As the new devices and data grow, support for data consolidation and data archiving is provided. For data that is no longer needed, data purging is supported.

  • Sophisticated rules engine for alerts: AppPerfect Monitor provides a sophisticated rules engine to help you design insightful rules to monitor your application infrastructure and alert you when something is not right. AppPerfect Monitor UI provides a "Rule Builder" which makes creation of rules a relatively simple task. Unlike some tools, AppPerfect Monitor fully supports rules where time and duration are a component. For example, send an alert if CPU Usage stays above 90% for 15 seconds.

  • Automated alert notification: If a monitored application or device violates any of the rules that are defined, the notification server in AppPerfect Monitor will create an "alert" and automatically notify the necessary personnel about the violation. The recipients of the alert are defined when the rule is defined. Notification can be sent in a variety of mediums, including email and SMS. The notification server provides an open interface which can be extended to provide  the user a customized notification mechanism.

  • Powerful reporting infrastructure: AppPerfect Monitor provides powerful, real-time, informative and accurate reports that help you trace problems that might be present in the system. Reports are typically used to analyze data that spans over a period of time. Often, such data analysis helps in better understanding the user experience.  AppPerfect provides you with extensive reporting capability. You can customize and generate reports that provide you information that is tailor made to your requirements. It allows you to leverage existing content in several formats. A full featured "Report Designer Wizard" makes it easy to build comprehensive, high-impact, presentation quality reports. Reports can be generated as HTML and PDF formats.  

  • Security and access control: AppPerfect Monitor provides for security and controlled access to all aspects including viewing status, reports, rules, alerts and so on for viewing of reports and access to the configuration sections of the AppPerfect Monitor. Access is based on users and groups, with a super-user controlled overall privilege structure.

  • Data Management: AppPerfect Monitor provides support for data consolidation, archiving, purging of data.
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