Database Design & Development

Database Design & Development

An application using a database has at its core a stable, managed and optimized database. Such a database needs to be designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements and the scope of future expansion.

Database design, as the name suggests, is the process of creating a detailed data model of the database.

It contains all the logical design and physical design parameters and attributes which will be used to create a database. The data model should address all the attributes in great detail for each entity.

Database development, as is suggestive of its name, is the process of realising the database design and constructing the database according to the specification of the schema.

This also involves choosing the right database for the requirements of the business overcoming the software and hardware limitations.

Thus Database Design and Development is the entire process of putting business model requirements into a well planned database.

Database Design & Development Challenges

The database design must conform to design standards. If the design standards are not followed, there would surely be destructive data anomalies.

Without a design standards, it is nearly impossible to construct a proper design, evaluate this design and trace the problems in this design.

The processing speed or the access time of data through a database is a big consideration for database design and development.

It is important that the database be normalized considering the access time for frequently accessed data. If a complex query is accessed frequently, design might have to be flexed keeping a balance with the environmental conditions to reduce access time.

Even if the database design is created following the standard guidelines but cannot serve the end user with speed, such a perfect design is of no use to the business.

AppPerfect Database Design & Development Services

AppPerfect provides Database Design and Development of both MySQL and NoSQL databases.

We have invaluable experience in the database development cycle from analyzing the gathered requirements to data analysis to creating a logical design to implement the database.

We have worked with many databases and know the advantages and disadvantages of each database.

We know from your requirements which database would best suit your needs and what should be the design and development for such a database.

We have experience with providing a highly reliable, consistent and redundancy optimized database for your requirements.

AppPerfect provides highly optimized and highly efficient Database Design and Development which meets all the requirements keeping in mind future growth.

Get in touch with our sales team to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with our Database Design & Development Services.

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