24/7 Site Operations

24/7 Site Operations

Every business which is also online needs reliability and high uptime. Site Operations aim at Operations and Maintenance tasks for a Site.

The Operations & Maintenance Tasks in Site Operations include reviewing and validating all communications with server, performance backlogs, performance rates, site backups, reviewing reports and alerts, database and logs, availability, content updating, etc.

Site Operations thus include the overall performance and functional aspects of a site.

Site Operations Challenges

A business owner must think that once a website is operational, it would not need any maintenance, it would magically look after itself!

But site operations and maintenance is an important part for always providing the user a quality experience and interaction.

Many problems such as broken links, missing images, unanswered feedback, missing page titles, etc. can exist with a website even when the site is functional.

Users on a site may not be able to complete the transactions without technical errors which go unnoticed. They may be providing feedback which goes unresponded to.

The content on the website may not be up to date which is regarded as Publishing maintenance. There can be technical errors on website due to bug discovery over time which can pile up over time to degrade the quality of the website covered under Quality Assurance.

Communication with website visitors needs to be managed timely covered under Feedback Monitoring. The performance and activity of the website needs to be monitored under Performance Monitoring.

The overall infrastructure including servers, systems, networks, operating systems, etc. should be sound and in proper coordination. A change control system for a website is necessary to monitor the changes and effects introduced due to such changes.

AppPerfect 24/7 Site Operations & Maintenance Services

AppPerfect excels at and has enormous experience in management of Servers, Java Virtual Machines (JVM), Operating Systems, Databases, Clusters, Networks, Firewall etc.

We provide support and operations for production environment site to ensure dependability, trustworthiness, authenticity, flawlessness and avoid fallibility, errancy and frailty.

AppPerfect's 24/7 Site Operations services help you with following:

  • Operations and maintenance tasks for site.
  • Management of servers, JVM, OS, DB, Clusters, Network, firewall etc.
  • Creation and maintenance of user groups and policies.
  • Monitoring support for hosted applications.
  • Integration assistance for developers for middleware and software clients.
  • Maintenance of auxiliary services including email and internal networks.
  • Automation and security patches for software to meet information security requirements.
  • Publishing maintenance, Quality Assurance, Feedback Monitoring.
  • Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Change Control.
  • 24/7 Operations Coverage.
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