Cloud Security

AppPerfect provides a wide range of Web Security Services that secure the applications driving today’s technology.With our services we help you achieve maximum protection by adapting to current security standards.We deliver an unparalleled competency and expertise to help you accelerate your Web Application Security..

Cloud Security

Cloud security services have become increasingly important as enterprises move more applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud.More and more organizations rely on the cloud for Internet security. Choosing a cloud security service, that works successfully with your existing security infrastructure, requires understanding of what’s being offered.

We at AppPerfect help you select Cloud Infrastructure Provider with strong security services and procedures. Based on your specific requirements, we help you choose wisely to reap the financial and operational rewards of cloud computing while securing your organization more effectively.

  1. Cloud Security Compliance

    With certified developers in the team, having experience securing most commonly used cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and Web Services, Google's GCE, Microsoft's Azure we help provide security to your enterprise complying to standard security guidelines.

  2. Encryption

    Our experts can help you secure your data through encryption techniques, which typically consist of algorithms that are computationally difficult or infeasible to break. Based on your requirements we can help you implement the processes and procedures to manage encryption and decryption, hashing, digital signatures, certificate generation and renewal and key exchange.

  3. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    From our experience, we help provide flexible and reliable failover for your cloud services in the event of any service interruptions, including those caused by natural or man-made disasters or disruptions. Cloud-centric business continuity and disaster recovery makes use of the cloud's flexibility to minimize cost and maximize benefits.

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