Distributed Caching

Distributed Caching

Distributed Caching is the concept of spanning caches over multiple rather than one server and serving the needs.

The technique of caching comes handy for fast access to data. But even a single cache of large enough size cannot handle large number of users.

This calls for a meticulous organization and arrangement of these caches so that redundancy is optimized and the servers can be expanded without any regressions.

Therefore, in Distributed Caching, a distributed system accesses data from within the distributed system itself rather than relying on outside resources.

Data is replicated, partitioned, or invalidated, or any combination thereof. On a Distributed Caching System, data is said to be replicated when multiple copies of same data are made for achieving locality of reference and high availability.

Data is said to be partitioned when different data sets are stored over different caches and the requests are served accordingly from the concerning cache.

Data is said to be invalidated when it is determined that all copies of a cached piece of information need to be discarded.

Distributed Caching Challenges

Businesses are moving towards the internet. The amount of data on the internet is growing each day and there is always the need to serve the users with the fastest possible speed to provide him with the best user experience.

Disk accesses are always slow than any kind of cache access. There is thus a need to provide a highly organized distributed caching system which can solve this problem.

Distributed Caches reside on diverse systems in terms of hardware, software, platform, etc. This requires the need to create a well planned and well designed distributed caching system.

There should be transparency in the system in terms of accessibility, migration, location, relocation, replication, concurrency, failure and persistence.

The integration of different caches should be appropriate and confidential to ensure security of the distributed caching system.

The basic idea to use distributed caches is to increase the caches in an efficient way when the number of users or resources increase so that the performance of the system is not degraded but is enhanced for which caching was adopted in the first place. This very idea demands the need to create an efficient system which is easily scalable.

Failure is inevitable in any system. What is important in such a system is the ability to detect failures & recover from failures.

AppPerfect Distributed Caching Services

A customer satisfaction is purely based on the speed with which your business delivers the resources, the preciseness of the resources, altogether the output provided based on input.

We at AppPerfect provide a highly optimized Distributed Caching solution for a better redundancy, increasing the capacity as per the requirements for storage and increasing the overall throughput.

We have developed distributed caching solutions for major companies satisfactorily.

We have experience working with major open source solutions like Hazelcast, EHCache, JCS (Java Caching System), Memcached to name a few to provide you with custom distributed caching solution as per your requirements.

We are also flexible with working with any solution of your choice.

Get in touch with our sales team sales@AppPerfect.com to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with our Distributed Caching services.

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