NoSQL Solutions

NoSQL Solutions

NoSQL databases, also called Not Only SQL, is an approach to data management and data design which proves to be useful for very large sets of distributed data.

In the ubiquitous Digital Economy, the challenges to traditional MySQL solutions are increasing. NoSQL Solutions on the contrary provide a great flexibility in terms of data storage and access.

They have an intensive support for clustering which has become a need for high computational and storage resources.

With a very simplistic model, NoSQL has the ability to operate at any scale because the expansion is non-traditionally cost-effective, simple and fully reliable.

Challenges with NoSQL Solutions

Relational databases have been relied upon by Enterprises for a long time now. They have become robust with time and expertise is available with relational databases.

But even these systems cannot satisfy the requirements of businesses having Big Data use cases and continually emerging applications which are moving towards NoSQL solutions.

NoSQL databases offer a number of benefits over traditional relational databases providing flexibility, scalability and reliability.

But the main issue with such NoSQL databases is the lack of expertise in the field. Solutions to problems faced during development and production are not readily available and thus it affects the business in downtime.

Another big challenge is leveraging the power of NoSQL solutions for business analytical purposes and business intelligence. Such a support is not readily available out of the box with these solutions.

NoSQL solutions require high skills and technological expertise to handle such databases.

AppPerfect Non Relational Database Services

AppPerfect, being versatile with the modern times, provides your business the high-tech NoSQL solutions leveraging this technology for more scalability, a superior performance and great flexibility which are not readily available in counterpart solutions.

We have worked with major NoSQL solutions including MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase Server, Redis to name a few.

We have expertise with NoSQL solutions and we can work as per your requirements to provide you custom solutions.

Get in touch with our sales team to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with our NoSQL Solutions.

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