Splunk-based Monitoring

Splunk Based Monitoring Services

Splunk-based monitoring is a way for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated big data. Splunk is a tool which collects data (any data!) of any amount, any location, and any source.

In Splunk-based monitoring, you can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards for the given data in real time.

Using this, you can troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes. Monitor your end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages.

Splunk-based monitoring is used in analyzing all the monitoring data inlcuding System Monitoring, Database Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Cluster Monitoring and much more.

Splunk Based Monitoring Challenges

There is a situation where we need monitoring be in real time and also the conversion of machine generated big data into graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.

Splunk-based monitoring should be able to collect and index log and machine data from any source which is a big challenge.

Some monitoring products only allow you to keep so many months, weeks or even days worth of data. Others reduce the granularity of older events, compressing many data points into one because of capacity limits.

Splunk Based Monitoring With AppPerfect

AppPerfect Splunk-based monitoring services facilitate in troubleshooting of problems and investigating security incidents in minutes.

Splunk-based monitoring is the key feature in providing real time statistics of system monitoring, database monitoring, network monitoring, cluster monitoring etc.

AppPerfect Splunk-based service integrates the power of Splunk offering a variety of analytical tools for analyzing the machine-generated big data.

Splunk Based Monitoring with AppPerfect Product :

AppPerfect Agentless Monitor provides a feature of Splunk-based monitoring, with this feature you can visualize your monitoring data with Splunk.

Agentless Monitor provides a way where you can export monitoring data for further use in Splunk.

Splunk-based monitoring provides new business insights including real-time business insights and enriches machine data with structured data for business context.

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