Operations and Monitoring

Our talented team has invaluable experience in handling large Multi-DC Site Operations and Monitoring. From our experience we understand infrastructure monitoring needs better and can design customized dashboards or solutions to monitor complete infrastructure as per customer requirements

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Operations & Monitoring

Operations in Information Technology are all the services and processes which are provided to an organization to help in the smooth functioning of the business. This can extend from planning, designing & development to deployment, production verification & marketing.

Monitoring is the process of observing the current status of anything. This too can extend from monitoring CPU usage, disk space usage, I/O operations to monitoring business transactions & application performance calculated from a number of factors. Operations & Monitoring is therefore essential for creating and maintaining the overall health of any business.

Challenges with Operations, Monitoring and IT Process Automation Services

Every business faces a number of problems. A lot of valuable time can be spent to recover the outages of applications. This also demands for a specifically skilled team to recover from application incidents.

Problems in an application are discovered after it is in production and customers complain which provide a bad user experience to customers.

A number of tools are available today but operations & monitoring need to be application specific to address environment based problems.

AppPerfect Operations & Monitoring Services

There are fluctuations in every business. They expand, get stronger or even liquidate. Information Technology is always at the central point of these changes and thus has a never ending need of solutions to handle transformations briskly and effectively.

AppPerfect provides services which helps you efficiently manage your products so that you can shift your focus towards innovation, invention and growth.

AppPerfect provides a wide range of Operations and Monitoring Services to Automate IT Processes and remediate issues. With our agile services, you can achieve maximization, reliability and scalability.

Leverage AppPerfect's Operations and Monitoring Services to vitalize the events rising from your technology and gain novel operations management.

We deliver an unparalleled competency and expertise to help you accelerate your IT services.

We have developed tools to catch and resolve problems in an unmatched manner with a great reduction in repair time and decreasing the overall cost of operations management. So instead of spending your time in putting out the fires and letting us do the task for you, you can keep your businesses running smoothly and take your services to the top-notch.

Monitoring is the practice of accumulating regular data to avoid unplanned fallibility, inconsistency and saturation of resources. The goal is focused to avail the end users with a high level quality end-user performance. It allows the administrators to trace, separate and resolve issues which can influence the application's performance in a negative manner.

Expertise with Other Projects

Commercial products require extensive professional services & support for a full-featured deployment. The deployment will often cost many folds the cost of the software license itself, can take long time to deliver and often requires extensive ongoing support & management.

AppPerfect Monitoring solution can be deployed and running with in few minutes and can be set to collect data from your IT infrastructure in very short span of time.

In a rare scenario when our monitoring solution does not work for your requirement, our team can quickly help customize or add new features to support your needs. Our rapid development & delivery model allows us to respond to feature and bug fix requests from users and have new code developed and deployed quickly.

Our team can also help you setup & implement other open source solutions. Our professionals have experience working with many common open source monitoring solutions like Nagios, Zabbix, Ganglia, Cacti, Ntop, Icinga or any other monitoring solution of your choice. We can quickly help you setup your favorite monitoring solution with our experienced team of professionals.

Promise of Quality Services

We have worked on System Monitoring – Hosts, JVM, OS, etc., Functional Monitoring – Using Amazon AWS, Transaction Monitoring – Verify business functions for companies, Specialized Monitoring – Web Services, middleware, Network Monitoring – NetScaler, Firewalls etc.

We have huge experience with Error Monitoring - Splunk error logs, Site Operations & Maintenance, ERP/CRM/SFA/Email/Intranet maintenance, Ansible automation – OS patching, etc., Migration to cloud / POD, Custom scripts for development & Operations teams.

With such high technical experience and industrial knowledge, our customers are satisfied with the quality of work they are served. You can be completely reliable upon us for the business uptimes.

AppPerfect provides 24*7 Operations & Monitoring at multiple levels :

  • Infrastructure Monitoring : Our infrastructure services enables you to monitor performance and availability of your system so that required action can be taken to maintain high uptimes and reliability. Infrastructure monitoring provides an indispensable support to various physical and virtual resources and components occupied by a working environment.
  • System Monitoring : It is the responsibility of a system administrator to ensure that the system does not run out of various resources like CPU, Memory, Disk Usage etc. System Monitoring component help you to monitor these resources and establish the performance metrics of the system.
  • Server Monitoring : Server Monitoring is a process to monitor server's system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. It helps understanding system's resource usage which can help you better your capacity planning and provide a better end-user experience.
  • Network Monitoring : SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Network Monitoring is a process to monitor network devices like firewalls, routers, UPS, Printers, Operating Systems, Application servers, Web Services, DNS and so on, that can communicate with the SNMP protocol.
  • Transactional Monitoring : AppPerfect's Transactional Monitoring services helps you monitor, diagnose, notify and get detailed report of your websites online services. This ensures that your website have better response time and good transactional user experience.
  • Functional Monitoring : An application whether a single or distributed one, always offers a functionality. Functional Monitoring aims at the assessment of operation or the use cases of the application. It ensures that the purpose of the application is fulfilled without any malfunctioning.
  • 24*7 Site Operations : Site Operations aim at operations and maintenance tasks for a site. AppPerfect excels at and has enormous experience in management of Servers, Java Virtual Machines (JVM), Operating Systems, Databases, Clusters, Networks, Firewall etc.
  • Database Monitoring : Database Monitoring is process of monitoring the performance of databases and providing extensive information so that necessary steps can be taken before a break down of vital business processes occurs.
  • Cluster Monitoring : With the growing need of clusters to offer reliable and fast performance, the need for its monitoring comes handy. Clustering Monitoring is the process of monitoring the consistency, status, health etc. of various nodes of a cluster or a combination of clusters.
  • Custom Monitoring Dashboards : You can customize your dashboards as per your requirements. Design, create and utilize a great custom dashboard for monitoring your resources. Create different dashboards for different groups of resources and simplify the process of monitoring even more.
  • Splunk based Monitoring : Splunk provides operational analytics and deep insight into the data collected. We integrate the power of Splunk with our expert monitoring solutions to provide you visibility into all the aspects of resources.

By using our monitoring services :

  • Ensure high uptimes and reliability.
  • Define strategies conveniently.
  • Ensure the righteousness of business activities.
  • Deploy and configure modern technologies.
  • Monitor the health of your businesses.
  • Gain an insight into your systems.
  • Optimize application performance management.

Key features :

  • Invaluable experience in handling large Multi-DC Site Operations and Monitoring.
  • Customized Dashboards or solutions to monitor complete infrastructure as per customer requirements.
  • Monitor performance and availability of your system 24*7.
  • Supervise the system resources usage to plan a step ahead.
  • Establish events between all layers of the infrastructure.
Some Recent Projects :

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • System Monitoring – Hosts, JVM, OS, etc.
  • Functional Monitoring – Using Amazon AWS
  • Transaction Monitoring – Verify business functions
  • Specialized Monitoring – Web Services, middleware
  • Network Monitoring – NetScaler, Firewalls etc.
  • Error Monitoring – Splunk error logs
  • Complex Rules/Triggers, Alerts, Notifications, Tickets
  • Adaptive Monitoring
  • Splunk-based custom monitoring dashboards
  • Infrastructure and system Monitoring for big data cluster and web application.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – DataNode, Namenode, Cassandra cluster monitoring.
  • System monitoring – Policy based monitoring for disk space, processes and number of running jobs/queries.
  • Housekeeping for storage and worker nodes on cluster.
  • Dashboards and Error reporting with emails
  • Custom warning and error thresholds for long running jobs.
  • Site Operations and Maintenance
  • Setup and maintain servers, JVM, OS, DB, etc.
  • Setup and maintain users / groups
  • Setup and maintain tools / middleware
  • Setup and maintain monitoring
  • Assist developers with tools/middleware integration
  • 24/7 Operations Coverage
  • ERP/CRM/SFA/Email/Intranet maintenance
  • Ansible automation – OS patching, etc.
  • Help migrate to cloud / POD
  • DevOps for internal dev and ops teams.
  • Categorical maintenance of builds (Ant, Maven, Custom) and deployments(Hot/Cold).
  • Versioning and automated deployments in prod, UAT and dev environments.
  • Fine grained control with user groups, build signing and permissions model.
  • Single click infrastructure commissioning.
  • Custom scripts for development and Operations teams.
  • Alerts and notifications for hardware or build failures.
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