Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics services

AppPerfect's big data analytics services help organizations to process large amount of complex data and visualize it to meaningful and user readable form which allows organizations to easily analyze business data and perform trend analysis.

AppPerfect's Big Data Analytics services has the following features:

  • Hadoop-based big data analytics platform
  • Real time analytics for better decision making
  • Report visualization and dashboards
  • Big Data Analytics Automation
  • Ensured data security
  • 24/7 maintenance and configuration management
  • Big data administration, backup and recovery support
  • Gain competitive advantage from analyzed data.

Our approach:

  • Defining big data strategy
  • We identify business values opportunity through use cases and map these uses cases to business analytics needs.

  • Evaluate technology
  • Technology is evaluated and selected as per analytics need. POCs are delivered.

  • Implementation
  • End to end implementation is done from installation and administration to overall configurations of big data technologies. Map reduce jobs are created and optimized according to business needs.

  • Analytics and data visualization
  • Reporting and visualization frameworks are developed for specified use cases and we also provide a SQL type interface to client to do custom analytics.

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