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Our Big Data expertise includes working on projects involving Hadoop HDFS storage, MR based processing, Managing and monitoring large hadoop cluster, building custom hadoop / hive based solutions, Big Data aggregation & Big data analytics, Real time data processing with Apache Spark and Storm

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Big Data

Big data in simple terms is extremely huge sets of data which can reveal trends, interests & patterns and classify data upon computational analysis.

A business, with its growth, accumulates data over time. As the data grows larger in size, it becomes unmanageable. You are flooded with massive amount of data which if organized and queried aptly can prove to be a great asset for the business.

Big Data Services manage these hug data sets and establish the power of data.

Challenges with Big Data Services

The traditional data processing techniques are not competent enough to proficiently use these terabytes and petabytes of data pouring in organizations today.

Every digital process produces big data which can be used to solve large problems with competitive strategy by unifying the underlying architecture. Almost all organizations today need to exploit the power of big data.

Big data is not about the size, but it can offer insights into various aspects of data being generated rapidly and constantly. It offers opportunities to harness it for business growth. IT teams are burdened with ever-growing requests for data analyses and reports.

Data visualization is becoming an increasingly important element of analytics in the age of big data. Organizations need to meet the need for speed. They need to explore huge data volumes and gain insights in the data. This huge data is irrelevant if not understood. The quality of this data need to be maintained for the appropriate audiences and needs. Data is valuable for decision making and analysis.

AppPerfect Big Data Services and Custom Big Data Solutions

AppPerfect helps you leverage the power of Big Data with the most modern techniques providing fast processing speed over huge data sets, optimized visualization, transfer, storage, update, querying, detailed analysis, etc.

What matters is not the amount of data, but what is done with that data. We know precisely how to make this enormous amount of data matter for the development, escalation and magnification of your business.

AppPerfect Big Data Services provide customized, scalable, secure and robust solutions for all your big data requirements. We have the most modern techniques in managing, monitoring and operating large big data clusters over batch, stream and real-time big data.

Expertise with Other Projects

Commercial products require extensive professional services & support for taking full advantage. It often requires extensive ongoing support & management.

AppPerfect Big Data Services can be set to collect data from your IT infrastructure in very short span of time.

In a rare scenario when our Big Data Services do not work for your requirement, our team can quickly help customize or add new features to support your needs. Our rapid development & delivery model allows us to respond to feature and bug fix requests from users and have new code developed and deployed quickly.

Our team can also help you setup & implement other open source solutions. Our professionals have experience working with many common open source big data solutions like Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Hbase, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Pig or any other monitoring solution of your choice. We can quickly help you setup your favorite monitoring solution with our experienced team of professionals.

Promise of Quality Big Data Services

We have developed a number of projects whereby we have implemented and designed complex MR jobs and detailed workflows for attaining the best out of the available data.

We adopt Hadoop, HBase, Map-Reduce, Spark, Storm, Pig, Tez, Hive, Solr based solutions to make the most out of data and offer integration with NoSQL solutions which can efficiently handle such huge amounts of dynamic data.

We also have Oozie & Zookeeper based solutions to centrally manage workflows, configurations, synchronization, etc.

Our Big Data services include :

  • Big Data Implementation : We offer end to end installation, administration and configuration of Hadoop and other big data tools, developing map reduce programs according to your business needs, providing SQL query like interface to analyze and visualize your consolidated data.
  • Big Data Optimization : We provide you Big Data Applications with minimum costs and improved resource utilization to improve the efficiency of analytics algorithm.
  • Big Data Analytics : Gain Hadoop-based big data analytics platform, real time analytics for better decision making, report Visualization and dashboards, Big Data Analytics Automation and much more.
  • Custom Big Data Solutions : We proficiently utilize the power of Big Data to provide with customized solutions for gaining deeper insights into the data.
  • Big Data Cluster Management : We provide automated web based big data cluster management and monitoring services. AppPerfect's QueryIO is an open source tool for big data analytics and cluster management.
  • Data Mining & Data Aggregation : With Data Mining & Data Aggregation, you can collect data, integrate and extract metadata, transform and aggregate data, extract useful knowledge from data and evaluate and visualize the knowledge.

Key features :

  • Customized, Scalable, Secure & Robust solutions for all your big data requirements.
  • Managing, Monitoring and Operating large big data cluster.
  • Batch, Stream and Real-Time Big Data Processing services.
  • Designing & Implementing complex MR jobs and detailed workflows for data pipelines.
  • Hadoop / HBase / Map-Reduce / Spark / Storm / Pig / Tez / Hive / Solr based solutions.
  • Integration with NoSQL solutions for BigData, e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB.
  • Oozie / Zookeeper based solutions to centrally manage workflows, configurations, synchronization etc.

Some Recent Projects :

  • Maps Data aggregation
  • Manage & Process base data for all maps
  • Developed Map-Reduce based processing
  • Developed Elastic Search / Solr based indexing
  • Manage Large Hadoop HDFS storage cluster
  • Provided 24x5 Build/Job Execution / Operational support
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