Functional Monitoring

Functional Monitoring Services

Functional Monitoring is the process of assessing the availability and functionality of the use cases of the system. Functional Monitoring aims at functionality offered by a single system or by a distributed system. It ensures that the purpose of the application is fulfilled without any malfunctioning.

Functional Monitoring is based on the specifications of the software component or the system component which is monitored other than the generic parameters of the component. It helps in monitoring that each function of the application adheres to the requirement specification of the application.

Functional Monitoring Challenges

It is important that all the major and minor functionalities of the application be monitored because a small glitch in the application can degrade the quality experience of the user.

A normal user would never know when the database has stopped due to some reason and he cannot login. What he is left with is a bad user experience.

Functional Monitoring should be real time and should be able to provide alerts using a notification system.

The major challenge is detecting the issue and notifying in real time.

Functional Monitoring should be able to tell the availability and performance of the system.

It should also be able to tell the impact on the users of the system in case of malfunctioning.

AppPerfect Functional Monitoring Services and Solutions

Often applications which passed Functional Testing and Regression Testing with no issues fails in production due to differences between the configurations of test and production environment, real world data, Hardware problems etc. So applications need proper Functional Monitoring Solutions to identify and overcome such practical issues.

AppPerfect's Functional Monitoring Services help you with following:

  • Identify which component failed in production environment and why
  • Running continuous automated tests in production to ensure functionality of each component is good
  • Continuous processing results and visualization, identifying problem areas.

Please visit our various Monitoring Services which, as per the requirements, are a part of Functional Monitoring with custom monitoring requirements.

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