Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Also referred to as Load Testing or Stress Testing involves simulating heavy user load to ensure your application or Web site can handle it effectively.

Performance Testing tests the application for load i.e. testing the application, database, application server etc. for various loads to understand the system behavior, for stress i.e. the outcome and the system parameters when the upper limit of application load is reached or crossed.

Performance Testing determines basically the speed, scalability, stability and confidence in the application and focuses on user expectations, system constraints and cost.

Performance Testing can help you identify a variety of problems before you go into production:

  • Software design issues (incorrect concurrency/pooling mechanism, poor optimization, memory build-up, etc.)
  • Server configuration issues (Web server, application server, database server, load balancer, etc.)
  • Hardware limitation issues (Excessive disk I/O, CPU maximization, memory limitations, network bottleneck, etc.)

Challenges with Performance Testing

A business can become a prey of its own success. Lets say you have an application. The app grows exponentially in the market attracting a large customer base. But are you sure it would be able to handle and serve such a huge customer base concurrently?

If the incoming users are not handled, the overall performance of the application degrades which renders the end user discontented. Therefore, the performance of an application is directly proportional to the end user experience.

The performance of an application is primarily driven by the environment under which performance testing is done, by the load it can handle, which either impresses the end user or has a negative impact on his mind. Better the performance, more is the contentment and larger is the growth of the application and thus the business.

There can be variations in traffic from different geographic locations and multiple IPs, also the pattern of load can vary. All these parameters need to be simulated before establishing the peace of mind that things will go as planned into production.

Most developers face the following questions when designing a server-based multi-user system:

  • Do you know the number of concurrent users that your application can safely support?
  • Will your application scale as more users access it?
  • Do you know how long it would take a visitor to receive a page?
  • Do you know the load point where your server crashes?
  • Is your current hardware sufficient to meet your predicted demand? If no, what additional hardware would you need?

AppPerfect Application Performance Testing Services

We offer a diverse range of Performance Testing Services. AppPerfect has a great amount of experience in designing and implementing adhoc performance testing scripts for comprehensive coverage.

We simulate huge traffic with a number of run strategies over different geographic locations. We provide services for preparing critical launch events and unexpected surges in the traffic.

Simulating high traffic metrics, we generate detailed reports of the process. After an in-depth analysis of the reports, we can tune the system or the application to perform in all the conditions under all circumstances.

Because of the experience in the field of performance testing, we know what are and can possibly be the bottlenecks of an application and what steps must be taken to tackle those.

With a talented team of software engineers, QA professionals and young and challenging minds, we have set high standards for making an application achieve great heights.

At AppPerfect, we refine the applications for coping with the market traffic and performance standards.

We ensure speed & efficiency of the system when the application is running, performance and response time of the software on various devices, scalability & stability of the system with consistent performance under variant load.

AppPerfect's Performance testing services help you with following:

  • Identify which component failed in production environment and why?
  • Running continues automated tests in production to ensure functionality of each component is good
  • Continues processing results and visualization, identifying problem areas.

Expertise with Other Projects

Extensive professional services & support is required for commercial products to take full advantage of the features of the product. This will often cost many folds the cost of the software license itself, can take long time to deliver and often requires extensive ongoing support & management.

AppPerfect Performance Testing Services can help you go peacefully into production without any worries about the application performance.

In a rare scenario when our performance testing solution does not work for your requirement, our team can quickly help customize or add new features to support your needs. Our rapid development & delivery model allows us to respond to feature and bug fix requests from users and have new code developed and deployed quickly.

Our team can also help you setup & implement other open source solutions. Our professionals have experience working with many common open source performance testing solutions like JMeter, Grinder, Gatling, Tsung, Multi-mechanize or any other performance testing solution of your choice. We can quickly help you setup your favorite performance testing solution with our experienced team of professionals.

Promise of Quality Performance Testing Services

We have done End-to-end testing - Designing, Scripting, Executing & Generating Reports for tests.

We have done Runtime Application profiling to identify critical bottlenecks and virtualization of services.

We have simulated huge traffic & load over applications with multiple strategies & geographic locations. We customize the modules & tests as per the requirements of the application. Our performance engineering team has over 100-man years of experience in performance testing and analysis.

Our team has successfully helped large e-commerce solutions in past with key events like preparing for new product launches / discounted sales events / Black Friday deals etc. We understand the real-load patterns better and have experience in simulating large load that an E-Commerce solution would need to be tested with.

Our major performance testing areas are :

  • Web Application Testing : A web application needs to be tested for its functionality, for regressions upon modification, display appropriateness and responsiveness, cross browser support, validation of response sent under different cases and many more.
  • Web Services Testing : Web services using SOAP, REST or JSON are at the heart of any web application. It is needed to be assured that these services never fail under any circumstance or they would provide a bad end user experience.
  • Database Testing : Databases are heterogeneous i.e. they do not store same type of data. Therefore, errors can occur on integrating and/or implementing large database systems which in turn can effect the availability, consistency, reliability, security and thus the overall system performance.
  • Mobile Application Load Testing : Mobile Application Load Testing is the process by which applications designed for hand held devices be them Android devices or iOS devices, are tested for performance of the application or the load parameters. We also provide Web Applications testing for mobile devices for accessibility, responsiveness, functionality & performance.
  • Distributed Testing : Test your applications for performance, integration, communication and reliability by distributing the load on various servers where the application is deployed.
  • Cloud Hosted Testing : Cloud Testing allows companies to automate and speed up the Load Testing and Functional testing of their web application using real-world user traffic over the Cloud platform providing you all you require for web testing, leaving you to concentrate on your core business needs.
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