Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Development

Desktop application development is the development of stand alone applications for laptops and computers. Desktop application development involves writing softwares which are accessible as stand alone applications in desktop computers or laptops.

This is in contrast to a Web Application which requires a web browser to run and to Mobile Applications that run in smartphones and tablets.

Desktop applications are useful for businesses ranging from small to medium to large sized businesses. With a good GUI (Graphical User Interface), a desktop application can leverage the power of system on which it is running and perform all the functions.

Desktop Application Development Challenges

Definition of Desktop application has changed over time. A Desktop is not only a personal computer now. The other devices need to be considered in context of desktop development.

In the desktop stack, there are two layers : application layer and hardware layer. Both the layers are exposed to a different rates of change, application layer getting upgraded faster causing issues with underlying hardware not able to handle such changes.

If a desktop application is operated upon in a distributed environment, the number of users accessing the information increases rapidly. Each user has individual requirements from the desktop device.

Desktop based applications must be secure for the company's sensitive data. Downloading, sharing & distribution of information poses a security risk.

The desktop application should not be allowed to install without appropriate authorization. If such thing happens, it should be brought to notice so that necessary steps can be taken.

A Desktop Application developed for one platform is not compatible on another platform. Therefore, different applications need to be created for different platforms.

A Desktop Application needs to be upgraded if the underlying operating system is upgraded. Various system parameters change and thus need to be changed for desktop application when the operating system is upgraded.

AppPerfect Desktop Application Development Services

Even with the advent of platform neutral web and mobile applications, Desktop Applications are important for specific business needs. For certain scenarios, desktop applications work best when compared to the web based and cloud based counter parts.

We take care of these specific needs of yours by offering our desktop application development services, backed by our huge expertise in building them for all popular platforms including Visual Basic development, C# Development, VB.NET development, ASP.NET development, JAVA Development and other technologies.

We develop rich, effective and user friendly desktop applications facilitating easy to use and easy to access desktop applications for your business needs and business growth. Our desktop applications span a number of platforms and languages.

We provide Desktop Application development and management services and other custom software development services to our clients.

We create desktop applications which are superior in performance, faster and more secure than other applications.

Whatever may be the size of your business or your requirements, we have plans to develop desktop application for it.

Web applications always require an internet connection for accessibility within your company. But you just need to install the Desktop Application on a system in your firm and work on the same.

Also, Desktop Applications do no require expensive servers for deployment and access. They are installed on individual systems after development.

At the core, we have been a product development company with many popular products, many of them being desktop based. As such, we have what it takes to build desktop apps for your needs with a reliability of having the industry experts at your side.

Check out our Products section to have a glimpse of our Desktop Application Services capabilities.

We have also designed and developed desktop applications for our clients; notably a large Consumer Electronics store, a huge manufacturing unit producing hundreds of thousands of units per day, and a software company with a large online presence.

Get in touch with our sales team to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with our Desktop Application Development Services.

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