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Welcome to AppPerfect Robotic Process Automation Support. If you are a new to RPA / bots, we strongly recommend you to go through the Tutorials & Videos to better understand our bots. AppPerfect is dedicated to meeting your RPA & bots development needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.
If you have any Sales query or have any new RPA implementation requirements or need enhancements to any of our existing RPA bots, please feel free to contact us at
For any technical support or usage guidance on our existing bots, please contact us at Please review our Support Policy.

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  • What is RPA?
    RPA is a process of automating business operations in which a machine, or computer, mimics a human's action in completing rules-based tasks.
  • What all bot services do we offer?
    TThe bots we offer would help you to automate most of your mundane tasks so that you can utilize the maximum potential of the underlying platform.
  • What all processes can be automated using these bots?
    These bots help you to manage most of common operations for the underlying platform. There is a long list of features you can manage for different platforms. Please check more at RPA bots by AppPerfect.
  • What are the business benefits of these bots?
    These bots offer the ability to automate business processes quickly and easily. The benefits also include maximized accuracy and availability. Also, everything RPA bots do is monitored and recorded, including log files and snapshots of the screen in case any error is encountered.
  • How do we use the bots? Do they need any special development environment?
    User needs to install Automation Anywhere software to run the bots. The bots can then be downloaded easily from bot store along with the installation guidelines.


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