AJAX Application Testing

Functional And Load Testing AJAX Applications

AJAX is a group of web technologies used on client side to create interactive web application. The classical web application model is a synchronous model where Web Browser sends an HTTP request and user waits till the server processes the requests and sends back the HTML response. AJAX model supports asynchronous request processing, helping in creating more responsive and interactive web application. AJAX requests can be processed asynchronously and does not require complete reloading of page. Using AJAX framework only the required frame or part of page can be updated on the fly with the required data, making the web application more interactive. AJAX is a group of web technologies including the following :

  • XHTML and CSS for mark up and styling presentation.
  • dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT.
  • asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest avoiding page reloads.
  • JavaScript binding everything together.

AppPerfect supports complete testing for your AJAX applications. AppPerfect ensures that your AJAX application is functionally correct, reliable, scalable and perform well with varying user load. It involves testing both the client side and server side components of the AJAX application. AppPerfect fully supports both client side front-end Web Functional Testing as well as back-end server side Web Load Testing.

Functional Testing AJAX applications : AppPerfect Web Test fully supports Functional Testing of AJAX applications. AppPerfect can record all the responses received as a result of AJAX requests. User can validate the response to check if it contains the required data. AppPerfect also supports recording/playback on the elements in the DOM updated as a result of AJAX requests. For details on Functional Testing of web applications refer to Web Functional Testing document.

Load Testing AJAX applications : AppPerfect Load Test fully supports Load Testing of AJAX applications. AppPerfect can record all the AJAX requests sent to the server and captures all the responses received back as a result of AJAX request. AppPerfect Load Test can simulate the AJAX requests with varying user load to test the performance of your web server processing. For details on Load Testing of web applications refer to Web Load Testing document.

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