Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the set of processes used for development of applications for mobile / handheld devices.

Mobile application development involves writing softwares which are accessible over smartphones and tablets. The same application has to be developed differently for iPhones and Android devices.

Mobile applications take advantage of the unique features of a mobile phone on which it is installed. Some of them use geo location services, some use Bluetooth services, some use body sensors, to name a few.

Mobile application development is a comprehensive process to develop applications which can be installed and run over different handheld devices having different operating systems and different features.

Mobile Application Development Challenges

As per the statistics, there are around 4.5 billion mobile users around the world. There has been and there still is a promising growth in the cellular field.

Reaching out to people, providing them the services they want on mobile phones has not been very difficult. There are thousands of applications which are effective in what they do.

But to create an attractive and fully functional mobile application which implements the underlying idea in a full featured form is the biggest challenge in mobile application development.

There are various approaches to development i.e. Hybrid mobile app development (combination of web app and native app), Cross platform app (app is available for more than one platform like Android, iOS), Platform specific app (app which has been made for one particular platform).

This decision has to be made at the beginning of development which will decide the imperative entities like framework, UI, UX, etc. making together the mobile app.

The other set of challenges faced is with ever developing hardware and different mobile brands. The inevitable are screen resolution, OS requirements, RAM, etc.

The app should be able to function properly and render the expected UI & UX on tablets and smartphones. There are different SDKs, frameworks, UI & UX, etc. which need to be used while developing the app for Android or iOS. Therefore, the application should be compatible with different devices.

The various design parameters and implementation also account for battery usage, application running in background, application accessing various mobile features which can interfere with other applications, etc. need to be considered. The mobile application should not degrade the performance of the device.

AppPerfect Mobile Application Development Services

We at AppPerfect provide Mobile Application Development which knows how to cater the baser instincts and the needs of the user base.

Get a mobile app for your business at AppPerfect and reach out to a huge number of users.

Being a prominent company in the field of testing, we know what are the problems faced with any mobile application development and we know the solutions to all of them.

We have developed and created a number of Mobile Applications for our customers satisfactorily. We give a user best user experience while implementing all the ideas associated with the application.

Our applications are secure across different devices having variant operating systems and robust and completely reliable.

We are flexible with various development methodologies as per the requirement of the application. We know the advantages and disadvantages of various development approaches and thus know the way out of it.

AppPerfect thus provides a completely packaged mobile application which has been developed meticulously and tested thoroughly.

Get in touch with our sales team to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with our Mobile Application Development Services.

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