Transactional Monitoring

Transactional Monitoring Services

Due to growing number of online business transactions there is always some risk with leakage of confidential data which requires continuous monitoring of your transactions.

AppPerfect's Automated Transaction Monitoring Services help you monitor, diagnose, notify and get detailed report of your website's online services.

This ensures that your website have better response time and good transactional user experience.

Our monitoring services also provide you auditing and detailed report about each transaction to help you identifying issues.

AppPerfect Automated Transactional Monitoring Services

AppPerfect's Transactional Monitoring services help you with following:

  • 24/7 website transactions monitoring.
  • Automated alerting issues of transaction.
  • Detailed report about each transactions with improvement suggestions.
  • Continuous monitoring to detect security related issues.

Your website involves several steps and scripts to work together to form a transaction which could be user registration, user login, cart, checkout, order etc. For better user experience and proper transactional security we need to monitor each transaction continuously. AppPerfect's transactional monitoring services offer you following benefits:

  • Increased availability.
  • Increased transaction performance.
  • Immediate detection of outages and website hijacking.

Automated Transactional Monitoring with AppPerfect Product

AppPerfect offers Transaction Monitoring solution in the form of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor. AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor your transactions.

AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring is found to be most efficient, reliable and accurate solution by its customers. Regular agents impose a substantial overhead on your server resources in terms of CPU and memory. By contrast, AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring solution implements Agentless Architecture and uses existing Operating System services to extract server resource usage information.

Transaction Monitoring with AppPerfect is extremely lightweight and adds negligible overhead to target system while monitoring.

Please visit Transaction Monitoring with Agentless Monitor Tutorial for more details.

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