Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring is a process to monitor the transactions in the AppPerfect Load Test. It monitors various parameters of the Load Test such as average response time, test details, test duration, test status and total hit to ensure that the test is running smoothly. So you can create a test script in Load Test, and Agentless Monitor will monitor the execution and results.

Load Test Transaction MONITORING WITH AppPerfect

AppPerfect offers Transaction Monitoring solution in the form of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor. AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor your Load Test script. AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring is found to be most efficient, reliable and accurate solution by its customers. Regular agents impose a substantial overhead on your server resources in terms of CPU and memory. By contrast, AppPerfect's Transaction Monitoring solution implements Agentless Architecture and uses existing Operating System services to extract server resource usage information. Transaction Monitoring with AppPerfect is extremely lightweight and adds negligible overhead to target system while monitoring.

AppPerfect supports monitoring for the various kind of Load Test transactions such as database, web and soap transactions. AppPerfect Agentless monitor provides following Transaction monitoring solutions :

  1. Database Transaction Monitoring
  2. Web Transaction Monitoring
  3. SOAP Transaction Monitoring
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