Load Testing

Mobile Application Testing

The number of hand held mobile devices is growing daily due to which there is an ever growing demand for mobile apps. If your business has developed an application, you must be sure that your developers have put in tons of efforts in leaving no stone unturned. But what if there are still some issues with the app, what if some of the functionality is broken, what if the user experience is not good? To ascertain that such questions never even arise, AppPerfect provides Mobile Application Testing services for testing the application for consistency, convenience, performance, functioning, etc. The application must be downloadable, must be available for all the devices, must allow a phone call to be picked up even though the app is running, must be able to handle mobile network operator, must be compatible to varied screen sizes and resolutions, must not make any memory leakage, if working in background, must not slow down other applications, etc.

The ultimate goal of the application must be a good user experience for acceptance, it must be scalable, responsive, stable and must provide appropriate navigation. Our Mobile Application Testing services automate and manually test such qualities. These are just a few of many more assured quality tests.

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